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Women – Want Your Period to go Away Without Using an Unnatural Prescription Medication/Dangerous Pill? Go Raw!

I wish I could shout this from a mountaintop for all women to hear, all over at least America. Now, I don’t know this personally (yet)(although did notice my cramps went almost completely away when I gave up sugar/wheat once), … Continue reading

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New-Age Holistic vs. My Healthy Holistic Habberdash-theories

Went to a health fair this weekend and got sucked into doing an Ion Cleanse foot bath detox. A friend and I were convinced by watching the colors change for two people we knew and them saying it seemed on … Continue reading

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mmm…Body, Mind, Soul blog does a reader gooood!

I recently watched about half of a documentary on cancer, food choice, and even how dental health (think mercury in fillings) has majorly been and still is effecting Americans (as well as other humans, but Americans are the piggiest in … Continue reading

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Diet Steaz Energy Drink

Steaz has a wonderful energy drink out right now that has 80 mg caffeine from awesome natural sources- green tea, guarana, acai, and yerba mate. What more could you want from an energy drink? Less sugar. And NO. Not the … Continue reading

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Nature’s Path Organic Granola Bar- p.b. flava

So I bought these Nature’s Path Organic Granola Bar, Peanut Butter Chunky flave yesterday. I went to eat one today, and didn’t look at it much. It tasted good, so I went for another bite. I happened to notice what … Continue reading

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so i know you really want to know what i did over memorialyum day weekend

friday night– friendship! cornhole! fun times outside!!! saturday night– nap, family barbecue (by family i mean with the Fresh Cut Salads and friends), then a party at Club BB’s, then a crazy bonfire where there were four dogs (two sets … Continue reading

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kat tens are my favorite things ever.

today we welcome into the world another creature in my heartspace, named methriex samurai mittens this kat ten was found under some local shed i believe. and now it is a new part of part of mine fa-lifel. i could … Continue reading

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