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i’ve got lots of nothings to say up in here- but i will report on this bug in my sandwich

i decided to get a nice sandwich for dinner from a healthy restaurant = $$ and decided it would last longer if i took a pic: what i dint know was what was contained somewhere within: (look carefully- you can … Continue reading

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Diet Steaz Energy Drink

Steaz has a wonderful energy drink out right now that has 80 mg caffeine from awesome natural sources- green tea, guarana, acai, and yerba mate. What more could you want from an energy drink? Less sugar. And NO. Not the … Continue reading

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Nature’s Path Organic Granola Bar- p.b. flava

So I bought these Nature’s Path Organic Granola Bar, Peanut Butter Chunky flave yesterday. I went to eat one today, and didn’t look at it much. It tasted good, so I went for another bite. I happened to notice what … Continue reading

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donuts, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, and pies

i could go for some of those golden cupcakes from hostess. i realized that wawa doesn’t have them. that’s because they have ‘tastycake’ and that other weird company. i bet 7-11 would have them. because in MI where i’m from … Continue reading

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