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Social Interaction vs. Social Networking

If I, a successful, bright, intelligent, popular, attractive person, spends as much time on facebook as I do, I’m scared to think of kids these days, with all the time in the world on their hands (i.e. not just after … Continue reading

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children these days! (some of them don’t know how to think)

how can we get children/teens these days to think? what can they make of the world? they are addicted to constant flashy input and changes in technologies and ways of communicating. they are addicted to computer games, video games, texting … Continue reading

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Get the skinny on the Praxis II (French) question and answer session here.

The Praxis I was easy. If you want to teach and think yourself competent enough, you should have no problem with it. The Praxis II? I got an interview with Amandoo herself, who took the Praxis II Content Area Knowledge … Continue reading

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i wasn’t even nervous when i went recently for my first real teaching job interview. fine, maybe i was a little nervous. but the secret was that i didn’t find out i was having it until the night before. plus, … Continue reading

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