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i will so often do illogical things, but i think a lot of humans are that way. is illogical synonymous with faults? i don’t necessarily think ’tis so. procrastination is very counterproductive, yet i do it all the time. the … Continue reading

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coffee ideas

i love love love this coffee: from “The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company” in the flavor of Zen (it’s organic!) i also thought i’d just take a picture of myself with it, because i’m too lazy to upload and transfer … Continue reading

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caring coffee carrots

i feel like my blogs have been boring and depressing of late. maybe that’s how i feel about myself of late. well, i am sort of done school after tonight. sort of. it’s hard to say because a- i have … Continue reading

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i’m manic panic

even a bad cup of coffee (but with the right timing) can make life seem overly splendid. manic. i’m manic. and last night someone said my hair looks like ‘manic panic’. other than that i am like a jittery jangle … Continue reading

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