this is the time for literary inspiration. a time. the time. and now i will put awesome stuffs here- only articles, stories, and not poems, but all these things and not poems written by friends and family.


Yeah Seriously! Send me something! (clapclap@exact#?!y.com) (you have to figure that out)

THE FIRST ONE! yay! it’s from mrak. it’s a young story about teenage angst. actually it’s about individuality and its place in today’s environment. i don’t know, just read it.

THE TRIALS AND TRIBUTES OF BEING A MIDDLE-MIDDLE-AGED FREAK. paola shares what it’s like to live a life in the suburbs of blank blank, PA.

APPLICATION FOR MARRIAGE – alright ladies and lucky gentlemen, I, Amandoo, have opened myself up to the possibility of receiving applications for marriage. serious applicants only, results could be very promising for both parties. women, you are not allowed to apply, but you can use a modified version of this copyrighted material to ease your own search challenge.

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