how you found me

i love my blog, and i love anyone who reads it even more. i really enjoy it when my friends, family, or even acquaintances check it out, but what i love just as much? people finding it. searching for bizarre things more often than not, and i want to share with you what you searched for to find me: bold is for bof!

Update- haven’t done this in a while, so I am doing “best of”s for each year. Newest to Oldest. Popular search terms that led you here, or just plain weird ones!





Highlights from 2010 include “let us play with your look will ferrell” (loved that sketch!), trader joes righteous rounds (i vaguely remember these delicious cookies- where are they now?!), stingy sweat, enfp heartbreak (oh, lovely loving ENFPs!), sasquatch puppies, abilify made me lose my mind, abilify nightmare (and others like those), dub tee eff, salty stingy eyes, “a tan bikini” blog (what? not related to my blog…), crawling mystical creatures (?!), TBT and a lot of searches for arrested development quotes, erykah badu, madlib, and other hiphop lyrics.

“paris hilton vomits”
“breathing in sanitizer at work”
12/3/06- “picksher of naked girls” (wait for it- it’s because i said picksher, teen girl squad, and naked baby in one post) so now i look like a perv
12/4/06- “big brown dog, narcolepsy video”
“how to handle a psychotic liar”
12/6/06- “metal halide salads”
12/8/06- “drunk people crying pictures”
“cat sweaters” (i love these)
12/10/06- “”caffeine content” cheese”
12/12/06- “snaggle rock”
12/13/06- “armpits archives”
(MY PERSONAL FAVORITE)-12/14/06- “cannot control poop crazy everywhere psyc”

12/16/06- “inner workings of the mind”
12/18/06- “real crazy stuff” of note if you search google for this, i am number one, or was at least!
“narcolepsy nov 06”
12/19/06- “how to handle february”
“images of women who are having armpithair”
“security airports applesauce liquid”
12/20/06- “Possum killing grandma pictures”
12/25/06- “” (great Christmas times, eh?!)
12/29/06- “crazy,exciting things to do in oklahoma” (I have never been to Oklahoma, but hope to help people there at least read crazy things)
12/30/06-“wild mermen” (I’m always particularly happy to see something that I would either search for or would hope to think of something as cool as such to search for)

January 2007

1/2/07- “”six cavities” dentist”
1/3/07- “fake plastic eyeball”
“is it okay to eat just an apple for breakfast?” (i would say no, not unless you’re eating something else with protein in it soon after)
1/4/07- “bunch of freakz”
1/8/07- “inspiration for borat” (could i have been? how flattering)
1/10/07- “crying tears breathe red puffy” (sad)
1/11/07- “armpit hair of hot women” (love that one)
1/14/07- “crazy poop” (what is it with the ‘pooping’!)
1/16/07- “boy gets chased by chicken” (is this the second time?)
1/18/07- “why does god care about humans?”
“leave application for marriage” (after i put my ‘application for marriage’ up, i noticed things about ‘how to write a leave application for marriage- i do not know what is)
1/20/07- “downfalls of decaffeinated green tea”
1/22/07- “Starby america” (i will make the first starbywa)
“cryptozoology + south padre island” (what a combo!)
1/24/07- kitten “pursuit of happiness” motivation
1/26/07- “depressed+dumped+blog”
1/29/07- “cantero” and “jaborn”
1/31/07- “beheah” (what’s that)

February 2007

2/2/07- “cocaine, disguise, eyeliner” (who is trying to do what?! i’d like to know)
2/3/07- branded+buttocks
2/14/07- a story about a lazy tall boy
2/18/07- “how to handle drunken people”
2/19/07- picksher of a people (i’m guessing a non-english speaker?!)
2/21/07- “should you taking hot bats when you have cold or flu.”
(listen people i never advise dealing at all with hot bats, it just is not safe practice)

***(my blog linker died for a little bit, who knows what people may have searched for boo)***

march 2007
3/27/07- “i need to think of a story damnit”
3/28/07- HAS ANYONE TRIED SLIPPERY ELM FOR …(? i only get so much of the search sometime so it’s a mystery for what)

april 2007
4/2/07- “all tuckered out”, phrase origin
(once i put up busdriver lyrics that’s all anybody searches for now to find me so that’s boring but cool)
4/12/7- “mrakish” do other people call their friends mark this?
4/15/7- batdoo (is that bat poo? or me as a bat)
4/17/7- “facebook scares me” (it does scare me)
4/23/7- “died doing pushups” (that’s what happened to me grampee)

may 2007
-bipolar craziness
-bored espresso shots blog
-bees dying from lupus
-french people from pa
hot to use “fake tanner” (did they mean how maybe?
-murder the teletubbies
-posers wearing converse

june 2007
-“marathon inspiration” blog
-buxom secretaries (what? how?)
-funny application for marriage
-i should dress and treat these itchy bedsores
-the name amanda written in graffiti
-unilateral salpingooophorectomy recovery

july 2007
-mother flippin
-“i’m not a large water-dwelling mammal”
become a super
-french for slip-flops (what are those?)
-www.learn to talk in (probably due to my website about learning french better)
-sucralose is gross
-ron paul sign overpass (wooh!!!)

august 2007
-cafetorium myspace like a cat
-bet show we got to do better daryl nathan
the lions of talky talk africa (alright!)
-what do i wear with velvet pants (go there it’s going to be suh suh ushhsh shs soooo awesome!)

september 2007
– +chickern (what does + and what does ‘chickern’ mean?!
– www. jungley (i’m definitely happy to be found in searches for odd websites that may or may not exist
– diet steaz and vodka (maybe a good idea?! ha!)

october 2007
-amanda adventure on a plain
-todays stories in southampton pennsylvania
ode to crazy people
-posing on * hood
-and lots of ‘marriage application’ or marriage application (funny)’ types

november 2007
-would you live in a foreign country
-lady on the beach, french ad, what’s wrong
-pickshers of bat’s (again with the pickshers thing, can people really not spell i guess!)
-“do you like coffee” lyrics
-“i used to be mentally ill”
-gob krindy! (i love krindy, the name of gob’s wife)
-goods of ostentations (what?!)
-opposers of the sarbanes-oxley act (not that interesting, but they were searching for this and spent ten minutes looking at my site. i hope it helped)

december 2007
-crochet for stupid people
-erykah badu loves madlib? (i think they should get married)
-i want to know about nympholepsy (oh dear!)
-i love quasimoto (me too!)
-lady paola (shout out to paoluuuu)
-pb and j cat sweaters
-snoog doo (what is that?)
-spanish love friendship 2007 email contact
which do you like better hats or fruit roll-ups (YES!!!)

January 2008

-“cold as balls”
-bloo and cheese homework folder
-bottomy explain (yes! i wonder if this is someone i know or not!?!)

February 2008

-natural deodorant quackery
-search horsebird (who is searching for search horsebird!??!)
-where is the redneck mansion trailer park?

March 2008

-happiness, sadness, sickness
-rotted teeth
-ty sling thong men (i have nooo idea what that means)

April 2008

-botox shots in huntingdon valley, pa (i absolutely do not support these! but hey, all visitors are welcome to my blog)
-crazy talky thing
-humdi lulila, humdi lulila lilulo, humdi luli la, humdilulila (those are maybe supposed to be the beginning lyrics of “the healer” by erykah badu and madlib)
-is madlib married? (someone searched for this and didn’t spend a lot of time here, probably -because i only sort of know the answer. i don’t think he is, but he could be, and he probably does have a steady lady friend…it’s lord quas who gets all the women after all!)
-what are horse-bird creatures called?
-which pub in kl has short mini skirt waitresses (you tell me person. i have no idea)

May 2008
-blogife (what does it mean?! i guess i think i know, but not really)
“which do you like better hats or fruit roll ups”
-because i am too poor to purchase a vanilla latte from the adjoining starbucks
-handle drunken speaker
-sentences with the word talky

June 2008
-“latvian candy” + wedding (random!)
-“fitting room” + scabies (eww!!!)
-you broke my heart at the bowflex lyrics (is that really a song?!)
-underground hip hop to bump in cars (yes. i should do a post on that)
-opposers of sarbanes-oxley act (i don’t believe i’ve written about this act, but this person apparently spent the next 11 minutes being entertained by my blog)

July 2008
-texas mystical animals
-did humans live with mystical creatures (this person should acquaint themselves with horsebird!)
-granny goose patty cake patty cake bakers man (i can explain this- i think- they might be doom lyrics)
– first of all, i love it. one question though. am i panicked about the fire or am i being brave for everyone else (great quote. i want to remember this quote/part of the show forever)

August 2008
-mustangbird (ok…?)
-pringles olean poop craig (what does craig have to do with that?)
-why is purple velvet dangerous?

September 2008
-are mystical creatures real (of course they are!)
-translation of fou pas (did they maybe mean “faux pas”?)

October 2008
-bee stings and multiple personalities (hmmm i wonder what correlation there is?!)
-meaning of cool as the unthar (i have no idea what that means)
-majanger blog (also no idea here)
-sasquatch puppies (yes that is my dog’s name and yes she did have puppies?!)
-traditional african zulu medicine (they must be talking about umcka – it’s the best!)
-why do french people say ouf (cuz they’re crazy! (look it up))

November 2008
– +”sneezed on me” +”throat” (what?!)
-caffeine in oh my chai
-facebookyspace (what a place!)
-gardasil french song (ok…..yeah…i should make one of these up)
-schmootie (though i’ve made up many a good word, i did not make up this one)
-the burning it burns me tobias (i get lots of peepz searching for arrested development quotes, but this is not an exact quote, but i like it)

December 2008
-dead red panda (is that a band?)
-mystical creatures start with “b” (why? are they playing scattergories?)
-stroking spiders (at first i thought- another band name? and then i remembered i had a post with that in it)
-what does unthar mean? (i do not know. i wish i did)

January 2009
-did steve tell you that perchance? (oh steve! just had to put this in cuz i love FOTC for that)
-erykah badu salad (what? does she have a salad? (i’d eat it) she probably makes great salads)
-offsides like how worf ride with starfleet (huh!?)
-stones throw street team (oooohh I really still want to be on their street team!)
-when riding in the car buckle up troll car tunes lyrics (where and how can i get these too?!)
-you found me quotes (that’s kind of funny. i wonder what quotes they were lookin for!)

February 2009
“urgent poo” (yes! win!!!)
-how can i meet madlib (sorry, googler, there is not a good chance of this. for me either!)
-husband application funny
-where did the term “all tuckered out” originate? – my personal answer is “from hell”

March 2009
-cute sayings about holistic health (i don’t know why, but that is gross to me)
-slingthong for men (come again?!)
-what happened to the grape lady? (i think most people are wondering what happened to her!)

People, who knows?! Who knows what or why, why people search for what they do. But I ask you, please keep searching and finding!

2 Responses to how you found me

  1. paola says:

    okayokay, i’ll be honest- i was the one lookin for pickshers of nekkid grrls.
    but i am kinda worried about who looked up “breathing in sanitizer at work”… shouldn’t they call a doctor?

  2. I’m a big, long-term fan of Dandridge Cole. Don’t take this too personally, but I’m glad you exist, because he deserved to have descendents.

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