That’s right, peepz. I (and many of my tasty friends) have made up many a fine word as these blogs bring up or nature’s come-up-ance-to over time.
Here is a list of some of them and some clues on what they might mean or how to comprehend them:

apartmentizing– i’m about to get my first apartment with a friend and i don’t know what’s going to happen. but i know it’s going to be awesome, and only the things that happen when i go to friends’ apartments could or might or would or should happen. i don’t know what i’m actually talking about i just didn’t want to use more than one word in that blog but now i’m using too many.

appl(e)anche– though the spelling is debated, this word is pronounced ‘apple lanche’ and slurred together, thus the meaning. an avalanche of apples- this happened at whole foods the other day and the guy said it. i love that guy.

associatable – things you can feel, you can empathize and you might talk about it in public, or it might linger in your heart, or it could be thrown around at the water cooler

bottomy?- oh la la! first off i did NOT create this word (though i am guilty of being it at times). carlabean of the fresh cut salads and her fam did. it is too hard to describe even in a few paragraphs-

it’s a feeling and an instance, some words and some acts and some people. it’s wearing ugly sandals with socks, or words like ‘chuckle’ and ‘chartreuse’, phrases like ‘the bee’s knees’ (when used seriously), ‘all tuckered out’, ‘muesli’, ‘jot’ (as in ‘jot down’), lunchables and brown-bagged lunches are bottomy, love and Valentine’s Day are too, crystal figurines are very so, and ask for more information if you don’t get it (that would be bottomy too). bottomy 2.0 is ‘hunky dorey’ or when people say ‘honky dorey’ instead, also ‘chump change’ get out here bottoms. someone asking if they can use the word ‘bottemy’ and misspelling it? you people!

Bottomy list continued: chuckle, spread, more to come

tasha tudor is one of the most bottomy names or concepts EVER!

more bottomy is- ‘like the dickens’ ie it’s cold like the dickens- yes i did hear that today., also the idea of comfort food and its name is bottomy, bottomy is also often eww. a great bottomy is when someone predicts/says what you’re saying along with you by reading your mouth, but especially shiloh he is disgusting at it. bottomy is the phrase ‘willy nilly’ oh my!

breakfalunch– it seems like i’m always eating this for supper. using the word brunch would be too elegant and still too far away from the real picture.

chillens– children plus chillin’, put ’em together and what have you got? the youth of today.

demythtifying– awesome! my new series of ‘mythbusting’ will cover anything that comes up in my life

describatory– which means describing, but maybe as an adjective?!?!

doodiboo– crazy lady. grood times. this lady at my work calls ‘things’ or maybe more like ‘thingamajiger’ doo dee booz. it’s soo funny, ‘now where is that doodiboo!??!’

dysgitimate– from the Fresh Cut Salads “Vitamin Sea”, song titled “Dysgitimate Child”, who’s your daddy and so on and so forth- obviously it’s like illigitimate but more validly so. (someone actually said it on Geraldo once too)

excelhealth– obviously it’s health that excels, but i didn’t want to write about what it was excelling over. it’s excellent health, but it goes beyond that. it’s like achieving your personal best on a continually updating basis. health that changes with the times, as well as your body’s age. i have an ideal that i’m far, far away from, but i still eat kale and hydrate well in the meantime as baby steps to get there

feath– like death, but better, more interesting, and more humorous. it comes from a time when i was ‘texting’ and meant to type death but got feath instead. and it’s a special thing you can scream when everything is crazy and going wrong.

froopin– like freakin, but better, like the f-word, but less swearing. like fruit loops for breakfast.

futurality– i think this one is obvious enough.

grandy– good, great, and grand. add dandy. mix em up. there you have it.

horsebird– the mythical creature of wonder. don’t even get me started right now.

hot and bothered – NOT MY VOCAB, JUST VOCAB PET PEEVE. i hate this phrase thank you.

ima bouta leave ump in thur– sometimes i might talk like this and there are so few explanations for it.

janque– (pronounced ‘jank’) this one is sooo obvious. what else would it mean besides a mans’ janque, you know?!?!

JFK– just f$^king kidding- this one is credited to my roommate’s brother. it makes me laugh.

krunktop– basically it means awesome but much better and a whole lot more krunk-top than usual. i.e.- that party was ‘krunk-top’, or in reaction to something cool ‘krunk-top’ or your new friend can be ‘krunk-top’, whatever you need really.

Laughing Cow Cheese parties– a secret club (can’t tell you who’s in it) where we meet, eat laughing cow cheese, drink stuff, and well, let’s just say cows have attended these and the rest is secret secretzies!!!

l’oventures– a new category i made up about what one might call their ‘love life’ but i do not know what this means so i will call it ‘l’oventures’ of amandoo (also please note the reference about love being like an oven and dentures biting it)

mid-hill– the mid-hill is really the hill to me- 25. 50 is just too far away as things stand right now and the 25 hump is looking ominous. i don’t want to see that light of day (especially because i won’t have my perfect life going yet) and it won’t be pretty after that. we all know that 30=life partnership and not with a man.

onspiring– obviously a combination of inspiring and awe-inspiring and it’s different and new and awesome and great and kind of a little bit erudite and moves you onward and only happens once? kidding about that. that’s pushing it too far. it’s a great event adjective. but it might certainly be spurring you on to go!/

o.o.c.– out of control. things can get so ‘o-o-c’ that you may not have time to get out all those words, so i bring you= o.o.c.

pervylicious– let me know if you need more explaining on this one (hint, it’s not a compliment)

pizzed- in a sense, i get so incensed, by innocence recompense. who’s a paying attention anyway?! this is my wordz fo pissed, because i think i’m too cool to be using an overly sensitized popularized linguistic technic ull call i’ll pull them all.

presque– french for ‘almost’, suckers.

pretentiousity– i know i’m smart and all, but i hate pretentious people and so i must include myself in that hatred. who doesn’t try to be all smart and philosophical, especially when ‘blogging’ but i am actually all that and a strawberry goat cheese spinach salad, despite the e coli scare. it’s delicious too.

quack attack– referring to my bout of madness last year, grood times!

rainbowerically– arranging things in rainbow-colored order, kind of like numerically. you get it. this one is thanks to my mom.

really leally– really leally is a phrase i used almost daily. but it, along with other words, are not the focus- the focus is the way i say them- in the cat voice. this voice now expresses anything too cute to handle or too exciting for me, and i couldn’t even tell you what comes out of my mouth when i talk to the pets (i’ll just say it’s usually high-pitched).

schnafiez– schtuff, s#$t, whatevs.

slip-flops– a combination of flip-flop shoes with slippers, soft and comfy with no heel/back. i should really find me some of these.

small animal hair man– oh is he a beaut. he is the most beautiful creature i’ve seen in a long time. he lives in meadville, probably actually at the perkins there. and a small animal lives in his hair. i’m not sure how often it’s alive versus not, but it looks awesome. can’t explain it, you’ll have to see a picture. more later

snoogle– (snoogling, snooged, snoog) another name for snuggling, but so much better and so much more like bottomy (thanks bean for being my first snoogle).

starbywa– a starbucks and a wawa together- what more could you need for? (i also refer to starbucks as many things in my blog)

things and stuffs– what a great name for a store, right? like linens n things but it could be ANYTHING!!!

etc. (there’s more where these came from)

All rights reserved to me and/or the creators of the words, but informal conversational usage is both allowed and encouraged.