Our Own Perceptions

Uhh…how weird is it that one person can think one thing is going on when in reality nothing like that is happening?! Our perception of reality is a weird thing, and it can get really weird if it’s us thinking about how life is, of course, but what I am thinking about/want to rambletype about is when there is a perception one person has in relation to a relationship with another person who does not see/think/feel the same thing.

This can happen a lot in love. Love confuses things.

A great example:

Hot For Teacher – Mobbed

It’d be helpful if the clip I wanted existed, but of course Fox is defending its material and I could only find a vague commercial-y preview explanation.

In this episode, a female teacher has feelings for her male teacher coworker (and good friend) and wants to MOB him! and get him to hopefully admit his feelings for her and they can revel in their love.

Right from the beginning you know it sounds like a bad, if not at least very risky idea. She explains that she feels stuff between them, and thinks he definitely reciprocates the feelings but they just haven’t stepped it up yet.

Long story short, and definitely spoiler alert! She surprises him with her feelings and he does not have any romantic feelings toward her, which she had thought were there.

In her mind, it was there. The synopsis I just gave is nowhere near as awkward and painful as it is to watch on the show. And he was graceful about it! If he had been a jerk it could have been much, much more disastrous and terrible for her. I guess this happens all the time, every day with confused males and females across the world.

But what I’ve been thinking about is when I have feelings about something, and have a fondness associated with it, in a relationship, and then I stop and think- “Wait, what if this is just me feeling all this?” And it is! What I mean by that is I am a FEELER. I deeply feel and experience life in shades of emotion a lot of the time. So sometimes the fun I was having wasn’t being had by the person I was with. Sometimes the songs that were in the background were making me feel even more fond in that exact moment and then that is recalled later when I hear a song, and, it’s just NOT there for my beloved significant other.

It’s weird to think things can be so different.

It’s not that weird, but things are VERY different from person to person. We can hardly really know what an experience is like in another person even if they do try and describe it to us in excruciating detail.

I just think it’s so weird, not just the differences between our “mind” and “reality”, but also in relationships the dynamics people perceive exist.

And here’s my biggest point, sometimes we just POOP all over each other. Wait for it…

Project Our Own Perceptions

I believe the psychological world calls perpetuating our own perceptions onto others projection? But really it’s like wow, everyone sees everything so differently and sometimes we wrongly assume what others are thinking or experiencing and routinely pack it into our subjective memory of an experience. I’m not wording it that well right now because I’m actually dealing with some of this (maybe in a major way), and its craycray.

Weird stuff.

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See, how hard was that?! I set a goal, and I achieved it. 10 posts in not only just 1 day, actually in about 2 hours!

Imagine the places this blog could go!

I am rounding out this 10 blog trance or whatever stupid name I titled it hastily with this 11th summary blog.

    10 Things I’ve learned and pondered in the last 2 hours:

1) I really should immerse myself in blogging. And, get a little more quality not quantity focused.

2) I posted a real variety of subjects, from love to self-embetterment, to music and movie reviews, and more. I hardly even got into product reviews, which will be a good part of this blog.

3) I’m tired. That was fun. I should super-post more often, but improve it as I go, and maybe go back and edit them after the fact, and not be so obvious and overt about my blogging/thinking process 🙂 (Whatevs, I have little shame on good days). I should also stock myself with good pics, products, entertainment, and news and social media occurrences to give my input on.

4) I love music. Case you didn’t get that. Remember Missy Elliot’s Gossip Folks?!
4b) It would seem as though maybe I have ADD. I don’t. I just live in the modern world and do get distracted, but it’s usually mania.

5) I want you to rest assured I am a sane, well-rounded person. I’m not all bipolar or anything. You want proof? Don’t head back to the real crazy crazy times. Or do. I’ve been through SO much and I am SOlid.

6) I don’t want to do 10) and neither do you. Sometimes you should expect less, or rather, a more appropriate amount of effort and exertion from yourself! Also, TLDR: Amandoo is back in Action!

Bag Lady: More on that later, always!

Bag Lady: More on that later, always!

6b? I need to figure out how that whole gmail google adsense and all that email jumbo changed so I can find my analytics and see what people have been searching for to get to my blog- and then give the people morea’ what they want!

Haters gon’ hate, but I ain’t gon’ wait, ‘stead I gon’ love proliferate.

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there is hardly anything wrong with me. i would especially not be a hoarder. i mean, psh. that’s gross.

I am a hoarder?!

There, I said it?

Well, I was in danger of becoming one. A more attractive, “normal-people-friendly” way of saying it is something more like: “I can be a bit of a packrat.”

Paper mess is pretty much my biggest culprit. DO NOT LET YOUR MAIL STACK UP. DO NOT HOLD ON TO OLD THINGS LIKE LETTERS, ARTICLES, PAYSTUBS, CLIPPINGS, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY JUNK MAIL! Oh, wait, also RECEIPTS. You don’t hang on to those, right? If you do need to, do it short-term, and if you’re hanging on to them for business or tax purposes, you better be organized and up-to-date.

Today I probably spent 3 hours going through this hellish little project. I call it Ikea bag of Idon’tknowwhatorwhy.

Bag of Paper n Crap (about an hour in to sorting/shredding!)

Bag of Paper n Crap (about an hour in to sorting/shredding!)

I had moved this heavy thing the last two moves, filled with an assortment of more than I care to describe (plus I’m 3 minutes out from the next hour passing in this blogging spree!)

Anyway, eventually it looked like this:

Bag o Paper n Crap somewhat sorted - after ~3 hours I had to neatly put it back to finish later!

Bag o Paper n Crap somewhat sorted – after ~3 hours I had to neatly put it back to finish later!

That means I sorted all the paper crap, put it into appropriate files, starting going through and shredding/sorting receipts, mostly trashing every other item, and getting rid of or putting other stuff in its appropriate place.

I’ve decided to be more honest in this blog, so I guess I’ll have to admit to some of my imperfections. It’s a little easier knowing it will only get better, and that’s how I want my life to go!

(P.S. To categorize this in the “ways to save a buck or two” I’ll say that if you keep on top of your clutter you will save thousands, maybe millions. I mean, I can’t tell you how many coupons I’ve held onto that just sat, and expired! Gift cards too!!)

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My personal recommendations for your trip to Vegas – only 2, so they’re pretty serious!

I went to Las Vegas! for the first time this summer. I have two important recommendations, based on who I am and what stood out most poignantly for me:

Bellagio Fountain Lights Show

#1- Watch the Bellagio Fountain Light Show. Multiple times. It goes off every 15 minutes and the songs rotate. It is amazing. So lovely and fun. Touching. Romantic. Fun. FREE! I suggest you bring an adult beverage or go after having a few.

Bed Bugs Vegas Style!


Unfortunately there are a number of hotels that have them. Even the nice ones could. Anywhere could. Read up on checking for bed bugs, I’d say pretty much anytime you stay in a hotel. I know I will. More on this absolutely HARROWING experience later (edit- didn’t ever update, but will say that I got them at a hotel that may have to do with a pink bird known for its legs), I’m trying to wrap up my posting spree.

I should probably have gotten at the very least the money back from the hotel, not to mention sued for emotional, physical, and psychological damage. Just watch out. Lord help you if you bring them home with you. I severely suffered for over a week before deciding I hadn’t. It took about a month or so to get over the experience, the welts, and I think I might still be a little traumatized.

But Vegas was great, and a worthwhile experience. In fact, I might go back there again sometime soon! Ha!!

TLDR: Go to Vegas, watch the Bellagio fountains, and if you can afford to stay there, do so, in the hopes you don’t get bed bugs.

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Something I LOVE About a Certain Special Someone

my BFF's breakfoodfest

One of my basically two or three BFFs is a very, very special creature indeed. She inspires me, and astounds me.

I could go on and on, but that’s for another post, this is just a short posting rampage. She deserves to be a part of it.

Not only is she an amazingly talented musician, keyboardist, vocalist, and innovative composer, but she’s also gorgeous (doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but helps as a public performer), and a gorgeous human (intelligent like wisdom, an insightful but aware and not in your face/boundary-overstepping friend, and a million other things but perhaps also most importantly- hilarious like six funny comedians plus me.)

But, the focus of this post, of course, is her talent of spicing up some tasty favorite cooking treats. You look at that egg and sausage delight plate. And know it would melt in your mouth and then set it back on fire. She spice so nice.
I wish I had the glorious pictures she sent of both her and her man’s variations on “pork and beans” (I felt so embarrassed when I shortly thereafter just ate a naked hot dog with simple ketchup and mustard).

Mmm, she taught me how to love and to enjoy and relish! in food. But, alas, I still don’t sometimes. Sometimes I’m just blandy mcblandee blah. I have a ways to go. Friends should always challenge you to embetter yourself.

carla bean and amandoo

She and I also, of course, have shared many a marvelous drink concoction, such as ozberry l-m’nades (gotta ask me in person about that one!) and a tasty fine spicy bloody mary. (inside joke- bloody maries for garry!) MARGARITAS!

So my TLDR is: I have a lovely, inspiring, amazing friend who makes even better than all of that culinary concoctions and adult beverage creations- deliciously exactasty!

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“Sleepwalk With Me” – 4-star movie (which is a good endorsement, and i’m just jealous cuz he’s a comedian)

Sleepwalk With Me Poster_header

“Sleepwalk With Me” – watched it recently, it was worthwhile, true-to-life in a “oh-that-hurts-sometimes-life-sucks-but-it’s-life-but-also-still-pretty-awesomazing-beautiful”, in this “inspired by real events” film. i didn’t know that before i watched it, but i had an inkling.

anyway, the story is about an aspiring comedian who wants to really do stand-up comedy. he also has a long-term girlfriend, and a new sleepwalking problem. as he gets on the rocky road (literally and figuratively) he goes off to do a bunch of tough gigs all over the place, and this exacerbates his sleepwalking condition (a REM disorder where he acts out what he is dreaming).

not-spoiler-but-kind-of-alert: it does get dangerous!

anyway, it’s a good watch. especially for me, i got out of it, hey, maybe i should write, maybe write funny stuff, and at the very worst it’d suck and i’d get wanting to amount to something in this way out of my system.

back to the movie. it is worth a watch, it wasn’t life-changing, but 4/5 stars overall ain’t bad at all!

i’ve never had any experience with sleepwalking, but sleeptalking, that’s a different story. another blog, another time.

TLDR: “Sleepwalk With Me” – watch this based-on-a-true-story humorous film!

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Thomas Newman is a Profoundly Amazing Musical Genius

Luckily, I’d already written a post on him, somewhat: “music is your best friend sometimes (thomas newman = the genius at hand)

That post was inspired when I was being deeply affected emotionally by his song below, which i could listen to over and over again (probably have upwards of half a thousand times)

[youtube cM5G3a-XOjU]

thomas newman – how to make an american quilt

i wrote the blog about being very affected my music, as so many of us are, but i feel extremely affected. so much so i used to get even like manic or depressive listening to some of it, hehe.

music did shape my childhood in a vastly positive way.

my deceased sister would listen to many of the soundtracks and songs of Thomas Newman i love on repeat. as i wrote previously: “t.newmerz became a hugely important part of my mother’s life, so much so that she wrote him a deep, long letter from her heart. she was so touched [by his music].”

he has written so many epic soundtracks for indescribably beautiful concepts/movies, like “shawshank redemption” “meet joe black” and the popular “american beauty”, not mention “angels in america”?!
and after i wrote that post i went through the epic series “Six Feet Under” and found out he was the composer of the main soundtrack! And then, I found out even more he’s been involved with- “finding nemo”, “wall-e”, and it goes on an on with even movies like “the adjustment bureau” (and many others check it here) and recently “the help” and “skyfall”!

as i wrote before, some of “these songs touch the deepest parts of my soul, to a place and point where i don’t care what time it is, what mood i’m in, i can always let go of my facade, caring what others think, being ashamed of overflowing feelings and emotions…it’s just pure beauty. he is a genius.”

i feel that way, and more strongly. he evokes life in us.

so many great songs, you might not even realize, were him. he scored a ton of movies, and i’m excited to pay attention to the ones that come, as his music grows and evolves.

hey, maybe i’ll write him a letter too!

TLDR: Thomas Newman is a Profoundly Amazing Musical Genius- LISTEN TO HIS STUFF!

EDIT: in my posting frenzy I note I was also doing a “look what I’m listening to mood” song/vid and it was the same one. MAYBE THERE’S A REASON (listen).

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Yogurt-Covered Strawberries, a Healthy Dessert!

NOT. (sure, they might satisfy a couple of people’s sweet tooth, and sure they’re healthy and all that, but they’re not that delicious).

I don’t know, I did not have an experience as good as this looked:

frozen yogurt covered strawberries

The inspiration came from Pinterest (remember I recently became obsessed- “pinterest addict“), and that silly holiday (Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to do a sensible, appropriate thing and we’re a health-minded couple, sooo). Yeah, also, I’ve actually started doing/making some of the pins, and will be posting about my experiences. (some hopefully a bit more interesting than this).

so i got the ingredients: greek yogurt and strawberries and a freezer, easy enough, right? schlop some greek yogurt on them, then put them on something and freeze them (what i read suggested wax paper and a baking tray. i happened to have a styrofoam tray from some cheese i’d eaten all of ha).

well, i could tell right from the start that it wasn’t going to be, or look, as pretty as the picture. isn’t that always a good thing to keep in mind in life?

i couldn’t get them evenly covered, or sometimes even just getting parts covered at all was hard. and i got it all over myself, so maybe use gloves or some type of spooning device?

they tasted good, but in my opinion way too icy and cold, hurt my teeth. if you let them warm up a litte, then the yogurt starts to melt, and so on.

i think i’ll just stick with strawberries and yogurt. ooh my teeth cringe just remembering. next time i’ll take a pic. well, there won’t be a next time, but i mean next pin i make 🙂

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I’m just starting to think about hitting my stride in 2013. February, not too late. 10 post trance.

Writing is one of my huge, primary goals in 2013. Or is it? I have the free-time, yet I’m still just amateurly journaling about my feelings.

[Listening to this below, BTW]

[youtube cM5G3a-XOjU]

Feeling hopeful, melancholic, longing, and nostalgic.

I have time to write. Now I must practice. And put it into practice.

I have so many things I want to write about. Anything really. And I will. Because I love the act of writing.

So, I will go into a Sunday 10 POST TRANCE. Can’t guarantee they’ll all be the highest quality, but it is in fact about quantity over quality tonight. I mean, I only have like 47 minutes left to write and post the remaining 7 blog entries 🙂

I’ll try to vary them!

TLDR: Amandoo’s treat coming your way- 10 blogs in 1 day!

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Mostly Gillette Razors - Expensive!

Mostly Gillette Razors – Expensive!

I snapped a pic of razors and refill cartridges in the grocery store so I could go home and compare/price shop online. I was extremely disappointed to see Gillette Venus razor refills are still about $14 (for 4! FOUR!) on Amazon. They were 14.99$ in store. Must I order them in bulk? Will it even save me much? No, probably not, I’ll be more likely to use them more often (they’re only for special occasions if you know what I mean), and get rid of them quicker.

Guess I have to stick with my cheap Daisy TWO-BLADE(?!? People still use razors with only two blades?! Yes, poor people do) little razor.

I guess you choose where you’re gonna shave. I mean save.

why is this candle like 500 dollars?!

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