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Here are some random hip-hop song lyrics that I put here because other places on the internet had wrong words or parts to them. I hope to do a ton of artists and get pages for each of them as well.

Mr. Lif – Phantom Lyrics

Check it out
I been waitin’, playin’, for a long time
X amount of thoughts carried out in my mind
I turn on the TV, I see crime
Script written diligently and aired on time
Push the power button, now I’m to the tower somethin
Opened up my fridge and found nothin
Tipped to my room with an aura of gloom
Wishin’ I could write another tune
But my hands are paralyzed, plus my eyes
Wanna shed tears, but it’s not possible, there’s
The burden of things I couldn’t bear
Feelings weren’t dealt with properly
Remorse follows me
With his good friend, the threat of poverty
Here’s where I am, versus where I think I oughtta be
There’s a certain chance I’m a victim of circumstance
I take a look at myself and at first glance
I see who I recently thought to be me
Based on identities public and private
Behold the radio pirate, ya n$%^a
A felon, chillin’ with a gun to your melon
A pimp with his pockets swellin’, a jester
A slave with wounds that fester, the wanna-be
Pre-med 3-D dread an academic reject
Hopin’ to detect life, erect what god gave
Human laws are laid, we go to war, come back
And come up with more
I’m kind, friendly, your worst enemy
Charming, crass, and potentially
Dangerous, have you ever heard of such?
I’m invisible and impossible to touch

This is not my beautiful melting identity
The thoughts that I can’t manipulate for the safe line
Is personal, one amongst many is the macro,
Made from the pain of the fragile (3x)

I still say fresh dope and things of that sort
I don’t shoot up, smoke cr@#k, or take shorts
Your thoughts are always welcome, I seldom
Won’t enter another’s perspective, corrective lenses
Are somethin’ that I wear, so I can see the globe real clear
Look, there’s famine over there, plus the families in fear
Of disease and distress that lingers in the air
These are the words of a man in purgatory
Words of a simpleton living in oblivion
Is this the model for life you will envisionin
free as can be in a world of imprisonment?
I dare you to check new territory
American dream? Time for another story
One where I don’t choke to keep afloat
I’m sick of livin’ on false visions of hope
With a knife to my own throat
Stick of dynamite inside my overcoat
Because I know the ropes
Reality in this world is bought and sold
A very limited scope of life is shown
And I’m just one of the mold, fully controlled
Left to erode in my humble abode
You won’t hear me because I got no loot
You don’t hear me because you don’t compute
I’m docile, psycho, have you heard of such?
I’m invisible and impossible to touch

Single mother, who are you? (I phantom)
Office worker, who are you? (I phantom)
Caught up in the system, who are you? (I phantom)
Tryin’ to earn a living, who are you? (I phantom)
Depressed and uninspired, who are you? (I phantom)
Hard-workin’, broke and tired, who are you? (I phantom)
Seekin’ education, who are you? (I phantom)
Can’t get ahead no matter what you do? (I phantom)

Madvillain Accordion Lyrics

[MF Doom]
Livin’ off borrowed time, the clock tick faster
That’d be the hour they knock the slick blaster
Dick Dastardly and Muttley with sick laughter
A gun fight and they come to cut the mixmaster
I-C-E cold, nice to be old
Y2G steed twice to threefold
He sold scrolls, lo and behold
Know who’s the illest ever like the greatest story told
Keep your glory, gold and glitter
For have half of his n$%^az’ll take him out the picture
The other half is rich and don’t mean shit-ta
Villain a mixture between both with a twist of liquor
Chase it with more beer, taste it like truth or dare
When he have the mic it’s like the place get like: ‘Ah yeah!’
It’s like they know what’s ’bout to happen
Just keep ya eye out, like ‘aye, aye captain’
Is he still a fly guy clappin’ if nobody ain’t hear it
And can they testify from inner spirit
In living, the true gods
Givin’ y’all nothing but the lick like two broads
Got more lyrics than the church got ‘Ooh Lords’
And he hold the mic and your attention like two swords
Or even one with two blades on it
Hey you, don’t touch the mic like it’s AIDS on it
It’s like the end to the means
F@#$%d type of message that sends to the fiends
That’s why he brings his own needles
And get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos..
Slip like Freudian
Your first and last step to playin’ yourself like accordion
When he had the mic you don’t go next
Leaving pussy cats like wild h#@$ need Kotex
Exercise index won’t need Bowflex
And won’t take the one with no skinny legs like Joe Tex

Madvillain Monkey Suite lyrics

Villain’ll hold the mic like he’s mean and his tummy hurt
In a clean pair, ripped jeans and a bummy shirt
Wonderin’ would you clap your hands if he was friendly?
Dapper Dan dipped and pretend to be Fendi and gold sellin’
No tellin’, slap a fan hand down, tell ’em “no yellin”
DOOM- all capitals, no trick spellin’
Got what it take to get it through your thick melon
(Whoopsh!) Fresh witty city skits
When he get wreck, pretty emcees catch titty fits
Told them call the cops, just don’t hold your breath for the ball to drop
Better yet, hold on to your halter top
Kept reppin, steppin in hotta
Ignoring pigs like Bigs Top Shotta
Survivor of a live crew, not out to jive you
It stings when he laugh when he at the bank drive-thru
Wylin’, get me every red penny
Sold a lonely only child a imaginary enemy
When he sees the mask and the microphone gizmo
He’s the broke host this is like his own quiz show
This go out to all my brothers doin’ long bids and sisters
Who got brothers bein’ fathers to the wrong kids
Stay strong and ride like the funky flute
Won’t find the Villain in the street inside no monkey suit
Or either at the bar in no gorilly bra
Nor raceway park scoring on no silly car
Ask the stranger he knows who you really are
Behind the mask face stay dark, no boring willy star
Gleaming, dreaming, screaming- he’ll be off the heezy soon
Cunning live rats drive at your steaming greasy spoon
In participating places tip your waitress’
A sure fire way to wire, trip the matrices
Skip ya laces, all black tennis miniature
Ball stack, gall tall pack, Guinness minister
Tussle the hustle, cut your dank with dirt
Won’t be in the club in a muscle tank shirt
You could find ’em in the pub with the grub stain
Chuggin’ on a small tub of pain to his bugged brain
Sane, some say he plum crazy
Amazed at how he still get paid but dumb lazy
That’s for him to know and for you to guess
Won’t be caught in a suit vest at no computer desk
A suede front, maybe may stunt khaki dig
Not in no braids or no lace-front yaki wig

Viktor Vaughn Doper Skiller Lyrics

[MF Doom/Viktor Vaughn]
..People came from miles around to hear Vik rock it
He learned a few new styles since a two year old pick pocket
Kra-dow! Sad how sickenin
Now get retarded like mad cow kickin in
Yik! Chris wasn’t trickin
On what’s in the stew if the flu was in the chicken
We all got our vices
Some got the gall, to call the shots off the dices
And that’s Vik, brings slaughter to your section
Have ya lost emcees get a order of protection
His name rings bell said Jake
He sings well, even with his king hell headache
Hit’ em with a anvil, a trigger, a scandal
If not just to get free press off the N$%^a Channel
He only plays for high prices
And rates his hourly rate based on how nice he is

[Kool Keith]
There’s a lot of “I’ll murder you” raps
With lame ass guys out of nowhere
Corny @$$es, I never heard of you cats
Guys like you mess up a lot of tracks
Ask your neighborhood about me
Why you rappin’ act tough and grizzly
Urinate on your jacket and leave you pissy
Start jockin, get your autograph I’m missing
Defecate on your best line
Spit three verses in the cup and get busy
A wack @$$ comin this way
Must be cross eyed and dizzy
You don’t listen enough, see me pissin enough
Leave ya yellow spots around your bed area
Defecate around your head area
Precise when I meet that @$$
And greet that @$$ , the brain or what
Defecate on your apartment on Poinsettia

(Scratching until fade)

Mf Doom – Money Folder Lyrics

The villain took on many forms…

[MF Doom]
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone
After you who’s last, it’s Doom, he’s the worst known
That’ll have your boom blown or even thirst bone
Rock it to a worst clone, just don’t curse the throne
On his own microphone, bring it everywhere he go
So he can bring it to you live in stere-ere-o
Pan it, can’t understand it, ban it
The underhanded ranted, planned it and left him stranded
The best, any who profess will be remanded
Yes sir, request permission to be candid? Granted
I don’t think we can handle a style so rancid
They flipped it like matted, did the old jazz standard

(Jazz break)

Don’t mind me, I wrote this rhyme lightly
Off a two or three Heines, and boy was they fine gee
One Black, One Spanish, One Chiney
It keeps the woody shiny year round like a pine tree
Don’t sign me I’m about to get a mil without em
Grab him off the shelf, he’s the villain, and what about him
So and he’s a jerk and you don’t know him
Mad how he expand work but won’t show ’em
Poor guys what a cypha moreso four eyes
Now hook me with two apple pies and a small fries
All rise, so far art as a Rupple
So raw break it down and make quadruple
It’s crucial, you could see it in his pupil

And this time when he get it he’ll waste it on somethin’ useful
Like getting juiced off a deuce-deuce of cokey
Keep it low key, known to pull a okey-dokey
Silly Goose, Doom is too jokey
Damn he could really use a room or a whole key
Egads, he got enough styles to start three fads
True dat, she gotta wonder do she come with kneepads
What a call, what a real butterball
Either I get a strike or strike out, gutterball
Rock it like yeah for the four
With knives inside pockets, prepare for the brawl
Yeah y’all you could say its an earful
Beware, do not touch mic, be careful
And just like he said, I coulda told ya
MF, the holder of a boulder, Money Folder

It ain’t funny n$%^a
Money Folder

(Beat break)

The muscle-bound karate expert concealed a razor edge
Which could lop the head off of a marble statue once propelled
With notorious world takeover schemes and the most magnificent gadgets imaginable
Villains rapidly grew healthy cash flow
It is explained by a more comedic villain, the bald headed DOOM
This villain rose to incredible new heights of money-making, revenge and extortion
Such was the magnitude of the typical villain
This is no answer!
Very well then…. a duel to the death

Busdriver- “Roadkill Overcoat lyrics”

This self-made mogul, alpha male coming soon…just go here for COMPLETE ALBUM LYRICS!!!

All Caps- Madvillain

So nasty that it’s probably somewhat of a travesty
Having me daily total people
You can call me Your Majesty
Keep your battery charged
You know it won’t stick, yo
And it’s not his fault you kick slow

Should’ve let your trick ‘ho chick hold your sick glow
Plus nobody couldn’t do nothin’ once he let the brick go
And you know I know that’s a bunch of snow
The beat is so butter
Peep the slow cutter

As he utters the calm flow
Don’t talk about my moms, yo
Sometimes he rhyme quick, sometimes he rhyme slow
And vice versa
Whip up a slice of nice verse pie
Hit it on the first try
Villain: The Worst Guy

Spot hot tracks like spot a pair of fat @$$es
Shots of the scotch from out of square shot glasses
And he won’t stop ’till he got the masses
An’ show ’em what they know now through flows of hot molasses

Do it like a robot to headspin to boogaloo
Took a few minutes to convince the average bug-a-boo
It’s ugly, like look at you! It’s a damn shame
Just remember All Caps when you spell the man name

And you know it like a poet, like baby doll
I bet she tried to say she gave me her all, she played ball
All bets off! The Villain got the dice rigged
And they say he accosted the man with the sliced wig

Allegedly; the investigation is still ongoing
In this pesky inition he gots the best con flowin’
The pot doubles, now they really got troubles
Madman never go *pop*!, like snot bubbles

Madvillain and Quasimoto- Shadows of Tomorrow (Madvillainy)

Today is the shadow of tomorrow
Today is the present future of yesterday
Yesterday is the shadow of today
The darkness of the past is yesterday
And the light of the past is yesterday
The days of yesterday are all numbered in sum
In the word once
Because once upon a time there was a yesterday
Yesterday belongs to the dead
Because the dead belongs to the past
The past is yesterday
Today is the preview of tomorrow but for me
Only from a better and happier point of view
My point of view is the thought of a better or try
Reality is today of eternity
The eternity of yesterday is dead
Yesterday is as one
The eternity of one is the eternity of the past
The past is once upon a time
Once upon a time is past
The past is yesterday today
The past is yesterday today
While we’re searchin for tomorrow

(Sun Raw)- The music is different here… the vibrations are different. Not like planet Earth. The planet Earth sound of guns and hangups and frustration. There was no-one to talk to on planet Earth who understands, so we set up a colony here.

The light of the past is the light which was
The wisdom of the past is the light of the past
The light of the future is the light which is to be
The wisdom of the future is the light of the future see
Yesterday belongs to the dead
Tomorrow belongs to the living
The past is certified as a finished product
Anything which has ended is finished
That which is perfect is finished
The perfect man is no exception to the rule
The perfect man of the past is made according to the rule of the past
The rule of the past is a law of injustice and hypocrisy
The revelation of the meaning of the law is revealed through the law itself
The wisdom of the past is the light of the past
The light which is to be the wisdom of the future
The light of the future casts the shadows of tomorrow

(Sun Raw)- Up on the different stars.. that would be where the altered destiny comes in. Equation-wise, the first thing to do would be to consider time as officially ended.

Sun raw
Sun raw
Lord Quas

Zion I – (Deep Water Slang) – Finger Paint

[Verse 1 – Zion]
Feel my finger paint
Color to stimulate ya
Rise relate ya
Pass in love and nature
Rhymes to break ya, take ya
Up to the maker
Away from the pain
We feelin safer
The liberate to rectify the soul
Written in red, green, black
Trim it with gold
We been in war
Hey man we seen it all before
Got you feeling the fundamentals of flow toe-to-toe
How we battle
You can light the shadow
Walking with
You bring a barrage of marshmallow
Words and word curse
Lip style mellow
Zion the lion-hearted fellow
Finger paint you can hold the weight
When the mind is great, then the soul create
I reperate like I’m water when I change my state
Mindscape to the next levitate

Breakin all the s@%t that I don’t want to hold
Makin all the slumbers inside me flow
So in all the seasons can make me grow
And I’m breathing
I’m breathing slow

[Pre-Verse – Zion]
Breathe In…Out

[Verse 2 – DUST]
Feel my finger paint as the world spins
Let my finger paint cleanse your sins
My finger’s paintin’ all colors on your skin
See my reflection in my brother, my twin
I’m sparkin’ a light to your soul deep within
You can hear the echo when I drop my pen
The children hold hands under the rainbow
Everywhere we go we bring the same flow
Feel my finger-paint on my parabola
Supernovas, nebulas, satellites
My finger’s paintin’ all over the mic
My finger’s paintin’ lightning when it strikes
Bring down the rain, release the pain
Master the craft, die ya rocks ya game
My fingers paint across all terrain
My finger paint penetrates your brain

[Chorus til end]
Breakin all the s#@t that I don’t want to hold
Makin all the slumbers inside me flow
So in all the seasons can make me grow
And I’m breathin
I’m breathing slow


She walk into the court her knees buckle
Saying for a man to survive he needn’t hustle
Seen and been through struggle her whole life
Made a transition from being his ho to his wife
Stifling, the night upend the ATF bust in
Her daddy was a hustla so she love them
Looked at the jury how can they judge him, she screamed
Before you lock my love away, before you lock my love away
Before you lock my love away, before you lock my love away
Please let me testify

Fear in her chest her face in tears, had her mans back he was facing years
In her name though the place was his
They trying to take everything except the kids
But years she been through stumbling fights
While he trying to hustle that white
Up all night wondering if hes alive
Seeing him tried she bubbled inside and screamed


The judge called for order the court reporter makin her words shorter
His lawyer sat next to him, she could see how the trial was affecting him
It hurt for her eyes to connect with him, using her lies for protecting him
They arrested him for murder, and gun possession
As they read back her confession she screamed

The court awaited as the foreman got the verdict from the bailiff
Emotional outbursts tears and smeared makeup
He stated, he was guilty on all charges
She’s shaking like she took it the hardest
A spin artist, she brought her face up laughing
That’s when the prosecutor realized what happened
All that speaking her mind testifying and crying
When this bitch did the crime- the queenpin…


Kanye West- Touch the Sky

gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly
‘fore the day I die, I’ma touch the sky
gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly
‘fore the day I die, I’ma touch the sky

back when they thought pink polo’s would hurt the Roc,
before Cam got the shit to pop, the doors was closed.
I felt like Bad Boy’s street team, I couldn’t work the Lox (locks).
now let’s go.
take ’em back to the plan…
me and my momma hopped in the U-Haul van.
any pessimists I ain’t talked to them,
plus, I ain’t have no phone in my apartment.
let’s take ’em back to the club.
least about an hour I would stand on line,
I just wanted to dance.
I went to Jacob an hour after I got my advance.
I just wanted to shine.
Jay’s favorite line: “Dog, in due time”
now he look at me, like “D#$%, dog, you where I am”
a hip hop legend.
I think I died in an accident, cause this must be heaven.


[Hook 1 (P. Diddy)]
Now let’s take ’em high ah ah (etc) la la la
(Top of the world, baby. Top of the world)
Now let’s take ’em high ah ah (etc) la la la
(Top of the world, baby. Top of the world)

back when Gucci was the s#^t to rock,
back when Slick Rick got the s#^t to pop,
I’d do anything to say “I got it”.
damn, them new loafers hurt my pocket.
before anybody wanted K-West beats,
Me and my girl split the buffet at KFC.
dog, I was having nervous breakdowns,
like “D@#$, these n$%^&s that much better than me?”
baby, I’m going on an airplane,
and I don’t know if I’ll be back again.
sure enough, I sent the plane tickets,
but when she came to kick it, things became different.
any girl I cheated on, sheets I skeeted on.
I couldn’t keep it home, I thought I needed a Nia Long.
I’m trying to write my wrongs,
But it’s funny these same wrongs helped me write this song.

[Chorus 2]
I gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly
For the day you die, You gonna touch the sky
(You gonna touch the sky babygirl!) Testify, come up in the spot
Looking extra fly
For the day you die, You gonna touch the sky

yes, yes, yes guess who’s on third?
lupe still like Lupin the Third.
hear life here till I’m beer on the curb
peach fuzz buzz but beard on the verge
slow it down like we’re on the serve
bottle-shaped body like Mrs. Butterworth’s.
but, before you say another word,
I’m back on the block like a man on the street.
I’m trying to stop lying like a Mum-Ra,
but I’m not lying when I’m laying on the beat.
Engarde, Touche Lupe cool as the Unthar,
but I still feel as possessed as a gun charge.
I come as correct as a p#$n star,
In a fresh pair of steps and my best foreign car.
so, I represent the first.
now, let me end my verse right where the horns are like

[Chorus 2]

Madvillain- Figaro

The rest is empty with no brain but the clever nerd
The best emcee with no chain ya ever heard
Take it from the Tec-9 holder
They bit and don’t know they neck shine from shinola
Everything that glitter ain’t fishscale
Let me think, don’t let her faint get Ishmael
A shot of Jack got her back it’s not an act stack
Forgot about the cackalack, holla back, clack clack blocka
Villainy, feel him in ya heart chakra chart toppa
Star shit stoppa be a smarter shoppa
Shot a cop day around the way ’bout to stay
But who’d a know there’s 2 mo’ that wonder where the shooter go
‘Bout to jet, get him, not a bet, dead ’em
Let ’em spit venom said ’em got a lot of s#@t with ’em
Let the rhythm hit ’em, still can hear his other voice
We make the joints that make ’em spread ’em butta moist
Man, please. The stage is made of panties
From the age of baby hoochies on to the grannies
Ban me the dough rake, daddy
The flow make her fatty shake, patty cake, patty cake
For fake, if he was Anita Baker’s man
He’d take her for her masters, hit it once an’ shake her hand
On some ol’ thank ya ma’am an’ ghost her
She could mind the toaster if she sign the poster
A whole host of roller coaster riders
Not enough tracks (is it?)
Hot enough black (for ya)
It’s too hot to handle, you got blue sandals
Who shot ya? Ooh got you new spots to vandal?
Do not stand still, both show skills
Close but no crills, toast for po’ ills, post no bills
Coast to coast Joe Shmoes flows ill, go chill
Not supposed to overdose, no Doz pills
Off sides like Worf rides with Starfleet
Off pride tikes now talk wide though scar meat
Told ya, on some get-rich shit
As he get older he gets colder than a witch tit
This is it, make no mistakes
Where my n$%^a go?
Figaro, Figaro

O’s beats and my rhumes attack
A scary act
All black like Ms. Mary Mack
Wait ’til you see ’em live on the piano
DOOM sings soprano like uno dos y’ano
My momma told me
Blast him and pass her her glass of Ol’ E
Not to be troublesome
But I could sure use a quick shot of double rum
No stick of bubble gum
I like ice cream
We could skip the wedding
Have a nice dream
She only let him stick the head in

Aceyalone- The Guidelines

Let’s begin
Asalaam alaikum, people of good will
I offer you the greeting of thought manifested skill
to finally reveal the open-end chapter
As real as the flesh that you’re embodied in
to the skull cavity your mind is rotting in, I’ll be riding in
And there might have been a slight, rotation warp to curve
the course of course I’m cordial when I report
I won’t distort, I don’t contort
connect conduct collect console or conceal
In full control of the roll of the wheel
My eyes are my appliance to decipher the science
Omitting defiance with the high-tech mic check
The buttons that flashed I pushed for absolute
destruction your structure is lifted from the ground
The foundation mound is broke, so you float around
I’m embedded in what is known as beat
Let it be shown, every enzyme is complete
In time, you’ll see the pace of the pulse pump
rapidly, heart rate, happily marched
I happen to be the dark man who holds the charts
I arch my horizontal line to make a rainbow
…but it ain’t the same though, yo
The tried and true pros are chasing fool’s gold
sliding through holes, like small rodents
It’s obviously, evident my embellishment
peaks at two-ninety-two I.Q.
Cause Big Ace is the spinner, in the, center
Inventor, and I plan to be a winner meaning
I’ll be in the inner outer ovaries, overload, overboard
overseas hearin’ oversees more, than the eye can
I stand, limited primitive, sentimentalist, escapist
The way I shape this landscape, automatically makes this, vivid
I give it a rivet, hold it, stand at the pivot
I love it, learn to live it, then give you my exhibit
Not inhibited, not even a little bit, when I’m inclined
My attempts to redefine your hip-hop guidelines
and you can play the sidelines, write rhymes in your spare time
My attempts to redefine your hip-hop guideline
You can play the sideline, write rhymes in your spare time
cause I’d rather stimulate your mind than emulate your purpose
And we have only touched on the surface of the serpent
Consider me part of the dust, in the dusk
I must collect the samples from the rust
Penetrate the crust then trust no living
Driven by the sonic, language passion
Your ashes spark the flashes, of the neon
from beyond, what kind of planet could I be on?
I don’t know, but I’ma be on, for eons, and eons
While many think that they can never play out
Get trapped in a timeframe, and never find their way out
I stay off the dramatization, and I balance
Always seeking the challenge, to show the world
the incredible talents, I cut the corners, smooth out the surfaces
Worthlessness is just, half of the problem
I read the greek kid, I did every column
I note the animal kingdom, and the phylum
WHYLUM style em, until they get to hit the target
I mark it on the bullseye, of flies
and the buffalo wing in the sky
My architechnique sparks the dark streets of your resting ground
I suggest that you warn your town
I inhabit the oxygen, mark off the memory
You will never forget to remember the lone wolverine
marine biologist machine with the verbal
Internal mind fertile, foot, over hurdle
Tight, like girdle, and my word’ll be the last
I incubate, every other millennium
I fast and I hibernate, to pass any of em
I am potent, untraceable
No color no odor no taste no replaceable parts
No heart, no head just a carcass
The darkest days come, right before the light
I watch my watch and stand right before the mic
By the powers, vested in me, I digested MC’s
food for thought, caught on to the end of the rope and swung
Then stood stiff, as if, I was on a cliff
knobby knees sticks, my feet are made of bricks
When I walk my footprints indent cement
I am not practical, nor am I unusual
Nor am I oblivious to, hideous crimes
Every city is captured and trapped in my mind
Given the spinal tap, as the final rap climbs
My attempts to redefine your hip-hop guidelines
You can play the sidelines, write rhymes in your spare time
My attempts to redefine your hip-hop guidelines
You can play the sidelines, write rhymes in your spare time
Cause I have become the night owl on the prowl
Master of the free pen-pal style
Cause I’m, om-nipotent
I’m, some, government experiment that is out of control
I’m from some big black hole
I square up, select, and wrecked, every tangle
I flare up, and you can try, any angle
Even Bermuda, but I bury the barracuda
then I’m, octa-gone in the wind with the pollen

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