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I started following EBadu on twitter and suddenly it was like we were best friends (still without her knowing much about me), but it was crazy. All of a sudden I knew that she was hungry, or that she ate grapes, or that…she had a baby?!

Yeah. And her and Jay Electronica twittered about it. Pitchforkmedia wrote about it and said they think stars are getting overexcited with all of their public sharing. I see where they’re coming from, but I like knowing a lot more about her life. It makes her more human to me too (seeing the ups and downs and the little things everyone’s gotta do). I think it’s awesome and keep it up, Erykah!


Mama’s Gun
WorldWide Underground
New AmErykah, pt. 1

Badu Looking Fine New

New AmErykah pt. 1, Badu’s newest album, dropped 02/26/2008, on her birthday. Check out one of the sweet singles, “Honey”, or “Healer” on her myspace or check out my page on the cd to get videos and lyrics

Honey Lyrics

“So tell me Slim what you wanna do
when you know i’m in love wit you
everytime that i turn around
look for you but you cant be found
fly free baby fine wit me
i’m in love wit a bumble bee
ooh Slim , boy you killing me
but you soo sweet ta me

honey you so sweet
sugar got a long way to catch you
you so sweet
all i gotta do is add a lil lemon
you my favorite drank
ya make me thank
honey you so sweet

So tell me Slim, what its gonna be
it dont be like this usually
when it come to that , “what it do..” (slang for how you doin)
i dont fall for that “woop- tee -woo ” (bull)
ooh boy can you tell me please
wanna know if ya feelin’ me
ooh Slim boy ya killin’ me ,
but you soo sweet ta me


you got that honey
you runnin’ from me
you really turn me on
you got that honey
stop acting funny
you really turn me on

So tell me Slim , what you tryin to do
im trynna’ get me an interview
look for you all over town
but you gave me the run around
fly free baby fine wit me
i need to know if you’re feelin’ me
can you stick your pinky finger in my tea
cause you soo sweet ta me

repeat (chorus)
repeat (bridge)”

[youtube TzPcz8Nozhk]
Madlib produced the beat for “the Healer”– It’s gonna be SWEET!!!

Here are a few reviews of Honey and album talkings:

Is Erykah Badu’s ‘Honey’ Sweet?” from Soulbounce.com

“Erykah Badu Preps New Album, Becomes “Hip-Hop Healer”” – full length article exclusive that gives more in depth info about the album, from Source on all Hip Hop (SOHH.com)

Preview of Erykah Badu’s new single “Honey” – short review

Erykah Badu Announces New Single” – “I dug deep down into the bottom of my hip-hop coin purse to find some of the freshest scientific, mathematical absurd geniuses that I could connect with because I was feeling pretty twisted myself” – there’s a DOWNLOAD button on this site

All About Erykah Badu

Check out this official page: Erykah-Badu.com because it’s better than Baduworld.com (where a lot of the links don’t work).
[youtube NsZTLiTWRDs]

[youtube Xqdux3rMKuo]

[youtube 3xHWD9L30fQ]

[youtube 3Dl0QQ8gEZQ]

[youtube 7pZEA4xGLDM]

Update on the this: This just in- Erykah Badu might be releasing 3 LP’s this year! Looks like she will be releasing them in 2008. erykah badu and madlib? oh yeah! real thing!

I love Erykah Badu because she is a bright spirit among humanity that makes more good and peace than she asks for, she’s real and always inspiring, and she knows a lot of us better than we know ourselves.

Here is a Wikipedia article on her!

i just found this: “On Baduizm’s first hit single, “On and On,” Erykah says she was “born under water with three dollars and six dimes. Yeah, you might laugh, ’cause you did not do your math.” The three plus six, she tells us, is the nine months she spent in the womb “under water.” Three dollars is three hundred cents and six dimes is sixty. That adds up to the 360 degrees that make a full circle, her cipher that keeps moving like a rolling stone — on and on. “Most intellects do not believe in God,” the song goes on to say, “but they fear Us just the same.” No need to be fearful. Just respectful and grateful for the healing gift given to us by The Goddess manifested in human form as the artist, Erykah Badu. ”

(thanks source! by ms. jeannine etter)


1. “Rimshot (Intro)” (Erykah Badu, Madukwu Chinwah) – 1:56
2. “On & On” (Badu, Jaborn Jamal) – 3:45
3. “Appletree” (Badu, Robert Bradford) – 4:25
4. “Otherside of the Game” (Badu, Bro ?uestlove, Richards Nichols, James Poyser, The Roots) – 6:33
5. “Sometimes” [Mix #9] (Badu, Nichols, Poyser, The Roots) – 0:44
6. “Next Lifetime” (Badu, A. Scott) – 6:26
7. “Afro” (Badu, Jahphar Barron, Poyser) – 2:04
8. “Certainly” (Badu, Chinwah) – 4:43
9. “4 Leaf Clover” (David Lewis, Wayne Lewis) – 4:34
10. “No Love” (Badu, Bradford) – 5:08
11. “Drama” (Badu, Ty Macklin) – 6:02
12. “Sometimes…” (Badu, Nichols, Poyser, The Roots) – 4:10
13. “Certainly [Flipped It]” (Badu, Chinwah) – 5:26
14. “Rimshot (Outro)” (Badu, Chinwah) – 2:19


“Who gave u permission to rearrange me
Certainly not me
Who told you that it was alright to love me
Certainly not me

I was not looking for no love affair
And now you wanna fix me
I was not looking for no love affair
And now you want to mold me
Was not looking for no love affair
Now you wanna kiss me
Was not looking for no love affair
And now you wanna control me
Hold me

Youre really trying to get creative with me love
And thats alright, but
You tried to get a little tricky turned my back
And then you slipped me a mickey.

The world is mine
When I wake up
I dont need nobody telling me the time

Certainly, certainly, certainly not me

Who gave u permission to rearrange me
Certainly not me
Who told you that it was alright to love me
Certainly not me
I was not looking for no love affair

Certainly, certainly, certainly not me”

Mama’s Gun

1. “Penitentiary Philosophy” (Erykah Badu, James Poyser, A.P. Thompson) – 6:09
2. “Didn’t Cha Know” (Badu) – 3:58
3. “My Life” (Badu, Poyser) – 3:59
4. “…& On” (Badu, J. Cantero, Shaun Martin) – 3:34
5. “Cleva” (Badu, Poyser) – 3:45
6. “Hey Sugah” (Badu, N’dambi) – 0:54
7. “Booty” (Badu) – 4:04
8. “Kiss Me on My Neck (Hesi)” (Badu, J. DeJohnette, Poyser, J. Yancey) – 5:34
9. “A.D. 2000” (E. Wright, B.J. Wright) – 4:51
10. “Orange Moon” (Badu, B. Lacy, S. Martin, Snooky Young) – 7:10
11. “In Love With You” (Badu, S. Marley) – 5:21
12. “Bag Lady” (Badu, B. Bailey, R. Brown, N. Hale, I. Hayes, C. Longmiles, Martin, A. Young) – 5:48
13. “Time’s a Wastin” (Badu, Martin) – 6:42
14. “Green Eyes” (Badu, V. Duplaix, Poyser) – 10:04

Worldwide Underground

1. “World Keeps Turnin’ (Intro)” (Erykah Badu) – 1:39
2. “Bump It” (Badu, A. Maggett, James Poyser, B.R. Smith) – 8:49
3. “Back in the Day (Puff)” (Badu, Maggett, Poyser, Smith) – 4:46
4. “I Want You” (Badu, Maggett, Poyser, Smith) – 10:53
5. “Woo” (Badu, R.C. Williams) – 3:14
6. “The Grind” (Badu, Dead Prez) – 2:49
7. “Danger” (Badu, Poyser, Smith, Williams) – 5:49
8. “Think Twice” (Badu, Donald Byrd) – 3:02
9. “Love of My Life Worldwide” (Badu, Bahamadia, Queen Latifah, Angie Stone) – 5:26
10. “World Keeps Turnin’ (Outro)” (Badu) – 4:01

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