Stones Throw, Erykah Badu, & mo

Check out stones throw website for all sorts of great info on them.

Everybody say yeah! (stones throw is an amazing label with artists mostly from Cali)

i’d say watch any madlib youtube videos you can. this one is more sound and less video, but use the link to get to some other stuff. shades of blue, MHBs!
[youtube 5veOyxxi-2M]

    Charizma and PB Wolf – Red Light Green Light

[youtube s_MP4Q-xolw]

    mf doom- all caps

[youtube ewc1hixzYPY]

    madlib- take it back

[youtube Jd1m3Zai97A]

    quasimoto- bullyshit

[youtube -Q5Bsm4uliY]

    T. Biggums – Oh No feat. Dudley Perkins & Georgia Muldrow

[youtube T2yk3xOeyqs]

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