Fresh Cut Salads

Take a bite into healthy earfulls of non-corny music!

They are a band, they are a band, they are a band, yeah, they are a band!

LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW FROM CURTIS RADIO.COM= Fresh Cut Salads interview! (okay so you maybe have to do a little work and find the ” ‘Guests’ show” one)

BUY THEIR VITAMIN SEA DEE…, and visit their myspace too!

$12 dollars will get you a lifetime of delicious times with their album—“this album is so nourishing you don’t even have to eat for months” and stuff!

Upcoming shows
Holiday Show- to be announced December, 2007.
visit their myspace or fresh cut salads homepage for more-

Upcoming awesomess- if you want to be on their email list, you should!, so do it (you can join on their myspace or tell me or whoever)…other things- definitely coming out with a second album in the next few years, i predict 2008 fall maybe?

also…buy Vitamin Sea, their first album, for your family and friends for the holidays as well!

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  1. carlabean says:

    you are suh so so suh soo so cool.

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