Half-Marathon Training

Welcome. I have made a big decision: to run my 1st ever half-marathon! Here I’ll be describing my training for the Philadelphia half-marathon I’m doing on November 22nd, 2009. Follow me in what may be excessive detail, and hopefully some astounding photos!

A little bit about me: Note to aspiring runners- I am going from nothing (basically) to 1/2 marathon (with a finishing goal) in under 5 months. I haven’t run in a while, and I used to be skinny as a toothpick, until I turned 20 and my metabolism gave me some unpleasant surprises. I’ll give my physical stats once I feel more comfortable, ha. I do love running, but have been mostly walking for the past few years. My goal is to finish in under 2 hours.

Update- (10/13) so I’m not cut out for major marathon competition at this point, but I am proud of my commitment to running most weeks at least 3 times a week. I’ve not followed a schedule, but I’ve gotten out there, and made fewer excuses than I thought I would. I’m proud of myself so far. I’ve noticed definite improvement in my muscle tone, but my body is not perfect (almost 🙂 )

How long: I have 143 days, less than 21 weeks to prepare. Haven’t run much lately, but I’m hoping I still have some of that spry-youngin-quick-getting-back-into-it luck.

When and why: 06/30/2009, I signed up for marathon. why? (today, specifically, because it would have been $10 more to register tomorrow). and for 2 reasons. my personal cause is to raise awareness about drug addiction. my second personal personal cause is to look good/better. i think this one will just happen, well, as long as i really do it up! (yes, i will put up pictures every time i work out, and warning- they are revealing- of some small physical imperfections- which will probably tone up? we’ll see! i plan to talk about my diet and how that changes (if it does?) as well)

How: my mother, sister, pedometer, and friends are my inspiration. My plan is to use a combination of Hansons Running Half-Marathon Training Schedule (thanks Hansons!- a great running store in MI) and Jeff Galloway’s training plan because it has 3 days of rest! I’m keeping my fingers and shoelaces crossed!

i aim to put a lot on this site. i’ll definitely share every run i do, and probably share too much information! (it’s a stretch of confidence to put up pictures of my body before i’m “in shape” again, but it’s worth it to share the fun as i go. i’m pretty slim, but i truly used to be a stick!)

Run will breakdown like this (or something like it):
Days until Race – Run # – Run distance – Run Time – Picture of me that day – Commentary
Day 143Run #1 (first run since deciding) – ~3 miles – too embarrassed to share (it was about 38.5 minutes) **addendum- mrak reminded me that it’s basically hilly both ways on this run!**


yay: no cramps! i ran!! dog got exercise
ehh: it was hot out. ran along road under construction and it smelled like pavement. soooo slowwww (had to walk a lil bit). dog pulled on leash.

notes: wore my MBT’s which was funny. really noticed the burn of my calves at first. felt like death at times. but i did it. i was glad to be out, and determined. my face gets red when i run (and i’ll let you know right now i’m so-so at gimping my photos):


Day 142OFF (but i did still get my 10,000 steps in due to walking around the mall for a while while mrak got laser eye surgery)


Day 141Run #2 (first run since deciding) – ~4 miles – about 40 minutes (including slow steps for puddles and a quick stop-and-chat)


yay: no cramps! (i’d even eaten a subway veggie patty 6″ <1hr before) and i finished strong!
ehh: really wet out! lots of puddles i had to walk around (got my shoes dirty).

notes: wore my new bamboo socks- they were all that the lady who sold them to me promised, and more. so comfy and breathable! i ran a lot faster than the other day. mrak was walking bella (the dog), we met up after i turned around and he was “gliding” alongside me, i was kind of upset that he could keep up, so i took bella and she was almost pulling me for a bit so i really pushed it- all the way up the hill at the end 🙂


Day 140OFF (mostly) I wanted to get my 10,000 steps in and realized at 11:38 that I was pretty far from that (around 7,500). I didn’t get out for a walk/jog until almost 11:47 and to make a long story short- I only ended up with 8843 steps. Which is weird because I basically started sprinting. I think my pedometer is getting old and not counting steps accurately. Mrak had to change his out and it’s been working fine. So for the walk/jog I did, which was near midnight, after having two beers 🙂 AND in my MBTs!, I got almost 3,000 steps in (in less than 15 min) so that’s significant. Significant enough to get my heart pounding and my traditional redface all hot and bothered! (just a tiny pic with my MBT’s)


Day 139OFF (4th of July)- got a lot of walking in, over 10,000 steps for the day.

Day 138OFF (planned to be “on”, whoops, kinda drank too much & did not feel well all day)

Day 137Run #3 – ~3.5 miles – about 60 minutes (including a lot of walking)

yay: didn’t want to run, but i did and i liked it. no cramps!
ehh: knee hurt a little, hot out, had to walk some

notes: woke up late, what a terrible waste of a day yesterday due to hangover (stupid drinking game) i’m giving up drinking (haven’t even been drunk like that in a while). my trick was this: TIP: Get In Your Running Clothes to Must Up Motivation to Run Worked for me, after digesting, I was like “Don’t want to sit around in these clothes!” went for a run, but I had to walk some, it was hot, I didn’t bring water, I was having some trouble including knee pain 🙁 On a more personal note, I also found out my Dad has serious lung cancer. gives me all the more motivation to do this, and to be healthy and eat healthy. i’m about to juice some veggies and fruits (kale, celery, carrots, apples, ginger, garlic, etc) to drink and take to him. please pray for him if you read this, his name is Garry.

Day 136OFF

Day 135Run #4 – ~2.5 miles – about 29? minutes

yay: had female cramp difficulties almost all day, but decided to get in a run around 9pm! pushed myself a little
ehh: still had some cramps (but not running ones, so that’s good), short run!

notes: I was happy just to get out, after lying around all day. I felt so sick, ugh, hate it. It was pretty bad. Finally, after naps and advil, I ate some dinner, and decided to run after digesting. It was a short, pretty easy run, but did include hills! I’m really working on getting used to running several days a week, which is new for me (haven’t done it regularly in like 5 years!)

Didn’t have my camera. But. I intend to do a run tomorrow, and I’ll probably already be looking better than when I started a week ago!

Day 134Run #5 – ? min (I wasn’t keeping good track for a few days!)


Happy that I ran as I had hoped! My motivation was that I told myself if I bought running shorts I had to go running- and I did! 🙂

Day 133OFF – (07/10/09)

Day 132Run #6 – more on it later (run with sister) – ~5 miles – 49 min?

Day 131OFF

Day 130OFF

Day 129OFF

Day 128Run #7 – ~4 miles – ~39 min
(i think my legs are looking more muscular- but keep in mind i *try* and look the worst i can for these photos so i’ll eventually (hopefully) look much better)

yay: ran up some crazy hills, was depressed before and then felt better afterward
ehh: didn’t really push myself, didn’t go as far or as fast as i wanted to

notes: running always makes me feel better! i was sad that the fam left, but inspired by their running efforts so i went. i took a new route, still need to figure out exactly how far it was

Day 127OFF

Day 126Run #8 – (07/17/09) (no pic, sorry) i’ve gotta get this blog page back in shape like i’m gettin in shape! 🙂 today i went for a run, and intended to do a kind of faster-paced-than-i’ve-been-doing 4-miler. unfortunately, i only waited 40 minutes after eating a breakfast sandwich (mind you it was turkey sausage and only 1 slice of cheese instead of the 2 slices manhattan bagel usually puts on)), and i did get cramps. i ran through some of it, but i also got a headache! i rarely get those running. i think it obviously means i was dehydrated, and i figured i drank one beer last night and then didn’t really drink anything while sleeping (i usually wake up and try to drink a little). boo to that, i had a rough time. walked for a bit. i did do a sprint at one point because my dog started sprinting, so that was cool. also didn’t take a picture, but i will upload some later to get this up to date. overall, i am proud for getting out there again after a day off.

Day 125OFF

Day 124OFF

Day 123Run #9 – 4 miles – ~38 min.
(you’ll notice a) my sweet picture-doctoring skills and b) the dog’s head- i think she’s beginning to understand that a run is like a walk (i’m trying to use that word to get her excited. she is fun to take on runs after all)

yay: it was surprisingly nice and shady (scared when i saw the weather said it was 80 and sunny). i pushed myself here and there, but i forgot to bring water again!
ehh: dog was kind of pulling on leash and stopping, got a cramp, a lil dehydrated and increasingly hungry throughout run

notes: the usual p-pack loop out and back, it’s very nice and naturey, with not too many hills. i did get a little cramping and had to stop, and the dog was a bit of a pain (except when i had her off of the leash, she did a good job of mostly staying by me) but i enjoyed myself, and really enjoyed the weather! body felt fine. enjoyed pushing myself.

Day 122OFF – i barely had 1,000 steps at 8pm (yesterday i had my 10,000 in by 8pm!), i almost ran today, but it was rainy and my BF said we would go to his parents to work out so i can start my speedwork. i am also getting an advanced pedometer that will track everything for me so there’s no more confusion about my runs. yay!

Day 121Run #10 – ~3 mi – ~31 min (lots o hills)


yay: run with a friend and the dog! she was a little bit faster paced than me, so it was great, felt great!
ehh: time looks bad, but it’s due to all of the hills!

notes: i love having someone to run with. i was huffin and puffin when we went up a huge hill though. i felt great physically. it was pushing myself a little, which is nice. i got a garmin pedometer but it had 3 hrs to charge and i wanted to go! so we did. i’ll have to try it out tomorrow. i’m looking and feeling good!!!


it was hot, but that’s fine. it was a really good short run. did you think i photoshopped the door blue? nope, that’s just my boyfriend’s awesome ghetto apartment 🙂 !

Day 120Run #11 – 2 miles – ~20 minutes (must read on)

(you can see my heart rate belt- oh la la- read on!)

yay – I went running, even though it was raining! It was my new Garmin Forerunner 305 that got me going! This is the 1st time I’ve run 2 days in a row!


BADreally upset i didn’t break a 9-minute mile in my pacing effort. i blame the dog. which is wrong. and it was slow and unexpectedly humid. i sweated so much, but it was all worth it thanks to my new gps run tracker:

TIP: come up with personal motivation and positive run reinforcement (if you are tech-savvy, a gps tracker such as this might be worth it for you!)

(you can even see the sweat on my lip!)

Day 119 (07/24/09) – OFF

Day 118OFF Didn’t get a chance to run (my fault for waking up so late) but I did do catering and got almost 20,000 steps on my pedometer from the 8 hours of it! So that’s a different type of workout!

Day 117Run #12 ~31 minutes – 3.26 miles

yay: did one of my 1/2 miles in 4:04 (maybe due to the fact that it was lightning out), also, running in bamboo socks = yes! so comfy and so soft, cushioned my feet nicely
ehh: because of impending storm, had to do a shorter run instead of long as planned

notes: as soon as i headed out, i knew it was going to start raining/storming. so instead of doing a long run, i decided to try and time myself again. after a 1/2 mile warmup, i tried to do a timed 1-mile, and i’m sad to say i didn’t even break the 9-minute mark pace again. now i know i can blame my dog- towards the end i had to let her just run by my side instead of pulling on the leash. and then i later did a 1/2 mile in 4:04! yay!! so i can get faster. now i just really need to keep up with a training plan and do some disciplined longer runs.


i ordered a water fuelbelt and i also purchased a “gu” to try (i have tried them before and didn’t like the consistency, but this one is mocha and has caffeine!) should be interesting!

Day 116Run #13 – 5.25 miles – 1 hr

(go back up to the top of the blog and compare me now compared to then. already see a difference! (but i was trying to make it look as bad as possible in my first pics))

yay– proud of myself for a “long” run, did it in the heat & humidity!
ehh– heat and humidity! (it was about 87 degrees- hence my REALLY slow pace)

(POLL: did i run hard and was it hot out RESULTS: yes 67% obviously 31% unsure 2%)

notes: i wanted to do about 5.5 miles. didn’t take the dog. really hot and humid out. wild variation in pace (suspected small technical errors with the garmin forerunner). brought water, which i did leave in some grass to get after looping back- it was helpful! also brought a clif energy shot gu which i did not eat (scared of cramps, which, yay, i didn’t get!). besides the slow pace (which i TOLD myself was OK!), i’m glad i pushed past 5 miles to get 5 and a 1/4 (didn’t make it to 5.5, but that’s alright). LOTS OF HILLS. long run around PA = encounter many hills. haven’t been diligent about following the training plan, but i’m proud of myself. i worked hard.

side note: i do want to write about pace, goals, jogging vs. walking, my pedometer, accuracy, etc. later

side note- the site i found good stretches on also has a pace calculator: cool running pace calculator !

Day 115OFF got lots of steps in thanks to a long walk (almost did a speed workout but didn’t :-[ )

Day 114OFF got fuel belt today, wanted to go for a run, but it was too stormy too much and i really need to get used to using an indoor treadmill. but where? hmm…

pink fuel belt

(i chose it cuz it was pink and less expensive than the real fuelbelt brand. but mark pointed out it looks kind of like a uterus)

need to run and do some speed work PRONTO!

Day 113Run #14 – <2miles – ~27 min? short hot run, almost overheated, didn’t bring water = not smart


i intended to run, you know, but it was way too hot and sweaty. i even considered going back to get water and come out again, but it felt like 100 degrees!


see how red my face is? and that’s only after like 27 minutes of running!

Day 112 (7/31/09) – OFF – did a whole lot of walking, though, so i got in like 15,000 steps for the day!

Day 111OFF – lazy day!

(been wanting to run, but knees hurt (probably actually aggravated by long walk, and there’s been rainy storms, and my excuses boo!)

Day 110Run #15 boo, short run. however, glad i got out. knees were hurting, and huge storming was happening. i got out on a break. i’m glad i did. my goal once i started was just to run for 30 minutes, no biggie, not pushing my knees, and i’m glad i did. i only went 2.64 miles, but i went!

(you like my humid hair side frizzy curl-ups?!)

BAMBOO SOCKS ROCK! They’re just so comfy!!!

Day 109Run #16– ~3 miles


Day 108OFF

Day 107Run #17– 4 miles (hot and humid out!)


Yes my hand does look a lil awkward, &, no I did not run with those sunglasses. At least I think I didn’t.

Day 106 – (8/06/09)- OFF

Day 105OFF (did get in 16,000 steps!!!)

Day 104OFF (wanted to run, but didn’t get to)

Day 103Run #18 – (hoping to update after loading garmin info on computer)

Day 102OFF

Day 101OFF (Was planning on running, but I impulsively drove from Philly to Detroit to visit family- who are runners, fortunately, so I’m having my mom make me run!)

Day 100Run #19 – ~6 miles ~1:06
I ran with my mother, and it was pretty good. Tip: If you have to go to the bathroom, try running through it and see if it goes away! (I had to pee at one point, and my mother encouraged me to keep running, and it did go away!) I also felt hot, had my left arch hurt, and my right ankle-foot connector thingy hurt, and I pushed through. I knew I needed to do a long-ish run, and this is long for me! So nice to have a pro like my mom helping me out!


If you notice I look weird it’s because I’m trying to look smarmy because I was at a very gaudy, $$$ house my mother was taking care of. We ran around there- gorgeous homes. Wow.

Day 99– (08/13/09) Run #20– 2 miles ~22 minutes
(hard to believe I’ve only run 20 times since I decided to do the 1/2)
So I’m glad I got out, but I am sad because due to extenuating circumstances with family matters it had to be cut short. I pushed it for a bit, then slowed way back down due to the heat. My right arch hurt a little, but it stopped after a bit. Didn’t stretch again (had to hurry to dinner)- whoops! You’ve really got to make sure to make adequate time for running and the before and after!!!

I need to update this, but I’m crazy and just drove out to MI where the internet at our house is very slow. Someday soon, but I am running in the meantime with the runners in my fam!

Day 98OFF

Day 97OFF

Day 96Run #21– 5 miles – 56 min. –
yay- got out and ran 5 miles, even though it was hot and humid. working on drinking water mid-run
nay– wanted to run 6, but i got over that. got cramping a little- i think because i drank water mid-run

comments: wanted to do a 6-miler, but it was hot and i got tired and made excuses. whatever, glad i got out. TIP: If you are feeling low, try running- it will probably lift your spirits! I was down, and after the run I felt much better. i did run past a house where i think a famous person was having a party- because there was a cop blocking off the road before it, & there were all sorts of very nice cars parked in the middle of the street basically out front of the house. ran past some real nice places.

Day 95OFF

Day 94OFF– wanted to run, but i was depressed about school starting soon 🙁 and it was stormy

Day 93Run #22– 3.5 miles – ~36 min.


yay- ran even though it was VERY hot, pushed myself
nay– the heat made me tired and made it seem like i was running farther than i was

comments– i didn’t bring water again, i have to stop doing that. there’s no excuse, and it causes me to make excuses about not going farther! it was haunting me too, there was like 30% of a case of plastic bottles of water in a bush at one point, and i almost took one (they were unopened!) but i thought it might have chemical leech as it could have been sitting there for days!

Day 92– (08/20/09) – OFF

Day 91OFF

Day 90Run #23 – ~2 miles – ~19 minutes

(Warning: Awesome Picture Alert!)

I decided to go for a run a little too late- when I got outside I noticed I’d be trying to stay ahead of a storm. I was happy to get in 2 miles and then some (and my pace pleased me for what it was), but the dog actually told me we had to go home. She stopped dead in her tracks, would not budge, this happened two times and the second time I decided to take her home. As soon as we got to my porch raindrops the size of limes started falling! She knew it!

Day 89Run #24 – ~3 miles – ~34 minutes
I ran really slow, and not too far, because it was dark by the time I got my act together (I got up at an embarrassingly late hour today!) It was also my dog’s birthday, and I took her for a run and she did the same thing that she did yesterday- pulled to stop me on the leash. Maybe she thought it was going to storm? Maybe she didn’t want to run on her birthday?! In any case, I continued on after dropping her at home, but I didn’t run that far or that fast. My laptop broke the other day, so I will have to wait to put up anymore pictures. I’m hoping to do a long run tomorrow.

Day 90OFF

Day 89Run #25 – 5 miles ~50.5 minutes

(Woh. This is SOME photo!)
(I’m doin fine- or am I? I typed “everyone” instead of “every”)

I can’t take the dog on runs anymore! She was pulling on the leash, slowing me down, and then I felt bad because I got angry and she’s such a sweetie. I tried to give her water and she wouldn’t take it several times (she did later drink some from a stream), but boy- it was more about my struggle with her than about enjoying the run. And I was excited because I signed up for the Free to Breathe 5k on November 1st- to support my father’s battle with lung cancer. That’s a lot about the dog and not the run, but that’s just what it was. I’ll try some time off from running with her, but I liked the idea of having her pull me on runs 😉 Oh well, at least I did the 5 miles before a dinner with friends (at one point, I wanted to do 6, but I gave up on that idea quickly- I need to get closer back to sticking to a real training plan!)

Day 88OFF

Day 87– (8/27/09) Run #26 -3.5 miles in under 35 minutes (mental thing- i like it when i end up running under a 10 minute pace) didn’t have a running shirt wore this cotton thing- kinda funny. don’t like sweating in cotton.


Day 86OFF

Day 85OFF

Day 84Run #27 – 4 mi. -~42 min.
-good decent pace, felt nice. glad i got out. kinda uneventful. very nice weather out. didn’t take dog, felt a lil bad, but then it was a nice un-struggle run.

(didn’t have my cam, but boyfriend made me an iphone creation pic)

Day 83OFF

Day 82Run #28 ~3 miles ~32 min.

glad i ran, i was upset about planning for school and such, and decided to run out some negativity. teachin’ is making me too busy for proper training. boo. ok run, not very long.


Day 81Run #29 ~4 miles ~50 min. (no time for a pic- mad quick decision to run! yay!!)
ran with someone i love dearly- it’s been too long since i had a running partner, and we had such great conversation that i was barely aware of running. that said, she’s a slow paced runner, but i’m happy to have gotten a run in when i thought i wasn’t going to.

Day 80– (09/03/09) OFF – my knees are aching today, though. boo to the for serious. i think it’s the classic hills-toomuchrampingup-notstretchingenough combo!

Day 79Run #30 ~2.5 miles, ~27 min. not too long, dog was bein a @#$%^ and pulling me the whole run. thought i’d try and run with her, but she really really was pulling the wrong way. had to drop her off and didn’t go on 🙁


Day 78OFF

Day 77OFF I did get to walk a lot (down and uphill) in the mountains for a nice quick holiday getaway!

Day 76 Run #31 5k run in 26:44 (good for me considering I’ve been pushin’ to get a 9:30 pace)


-Awesome practice for upcoming 5k on November 1st (slow, but good)
Ran w/ my cousin, and as always, I got pushed to run faster than I would have (it was surprisingly hot/humid). I suggested the 5k mileage, and afterward he said he would have stopped if he weren’t running with me. Tip: Running with a partner can help you run longer, faster, and it can get really good if you’re competitive! We weren’t competing, but I forced myself to try and keep his pace. Very hard with some uphills and the heat, but I’m happy to have done a 3.1 mi run in just under a 9 minute pace. I need to do along run tomorrow or the next day, but it was great. And I hadn’t wanted to get out.

Day 75OFF

Day 74OFF

Day 73– (09/10/09) OFF

Day 72Run #32 – over 6 miles ~68 min.


Ran in the rain. Knew I ought to have run, but didn’t want to. Not only was it rainy, it was cold. I started in my school’s gym, did 2.5 but had to leave due to too many students streaming in, so I headed out into the wild. I knew I wanted to do a long run, and I pushed myself to go over 6 miles. It was great, I felt wonderful (besides a little knee pain at one point).


Day 71OFF (think I need to start doing morning runs 😐 )

Day 70OFF (I’m doing a really bad job of being diligent at running :-/ )

Day 69Run #33


Dog was asking to go for a run; she hasn’t been good about running :-/


Day 68OFF

Day 67OFF

Day 66– (09/17/09) Run #34– ~4.75 miles – ~50 min


We can’t be sure how far I ran, because I didn’t have my Garmin. Furthermore, I had the dog for the first ~2.5 miles, and she did the whole stop-dead-in-her-tracks thing so I had to turn around midroute out in the woods. I came home and headed out about a mile and back. Glad I ran, I knew I just had to run as soon as school was done, because otherwise I wouldn’t have (it’s been busy and rainy). It was decent. Nothing too special, nothing horrible.
I was actually smiling a lot for random reasons, like thinking about how crazy I’m getting 🙂

Day 65OFF

Day 64OFF

Day 63Run #35 7 miles! ~86? min.

(Photo-edited with the French flag paintbrush- representin!)

Since I haven’t even looked at my training schedule in a while, I decided it was time for the longest run yet. And it was going to be 8 miles, but an online friend said she’s only scheduled for 7 this week, so I was like “Why am I trying to do 8 then?!”
It was just LONG. It went alright, but I was kinda bored! I need more running buddies!
I wasn’t going for any time, and I think I averaged about 10:20 min. miles.

Day 62OFF

Day 61Run #36 4 miles? ~ min.

Day 60OFF

Day 59– (09/24/09) – Run #37 – 5 miles ~ min.
Can’t believe there are only like 2 months left until the race! AHHH!!
I still need to figure out how to get my Garmin info on here, because I played with intervals today for fun. Even though I’m A) Not following a schedule closely at all, and B) Not running enough, I’m enjoying myself and loving how running really lifts my mood.

Day 58OFF

Day 57OFF

Day 56OFF Did I really have this many days in a row where I didn’t run?!

Day 55OFF

run0928 (Did you know that color pattern is the Romanian flag?! Need to double-check my dates- this is from 09/28)

Day 54Run #38 8 miles! might have even been ~8.25 (Garmin satellite issues) Still have to get the time on that, probably about 85 minutes or something…

(Mid-8-mile-run. Only way I made it was meeting up w/ running buds!)

Day 53OFF

Day 52– (10/01/09) OFF

Day 51Run #39 ~3.25 miles ~35 min – I was sick with a sore throat and head cold, but at least I got out there, snot drippin’ and all- no problem! It did feel good!!

Day 50– uh oh, only 50 days left?!

Day 49– OFF?

Day 48Run #40?

Day 47– OFF?

Day 46Run #41

About a 5k (more like 3 miles) in 21 minutes! I wanted to kill the guy I was running with, but when I was finished, I was SOO happy!


As you can see, it was cool out, but I was sooo hot and sweaty when done. Here I am calling him on the phone like, what up, let’s get this going! Then he blows me away, but in a good, inspiring way!

Day 45– (10/08/09) OFF

Day 44– OFF

Day 43– OFF (Pathetic I’m not running anywhere NEAR enough!)

Day 42– OFF

Day 41Run #42 6 miles in about 48 minutes – awesome! Ran with my mom, she was pushin me (and I feel sore today)

Day 40– OFF

Day 39– OFF

Day 38– (10/15/09) Run #43 With my mother in town. Awesome times. She’s great. My shins were kind of hurting, but I pushed through. And, a bird pooped on my shirt near the end of the run!

Day 37– OFF

Day 36– OFF

Day 35Run #44 – ~6 miles ~60 min


I was so proud of myself for getting out in the cold, on a long run, by myself. I did more than 6 miles, but I walked a good 20 minutes (not included in the 60). I also practiced eating a Gu, which was disgusting and made me almost vomit several times (see picture below). It was a good run, besides some cramping. I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up the Gu and a juicy bev. Good times, I felt SO good afterward and very proud of myself.


Day 34– OFF

Day 33Run #45 – ~4.5 miles ~44 min

(You may notice I’ve gotten more toned, but do still have a lil fat concentrate on my behind-the-knee-thigh-area. No prob, tho!)

Put up a status update on FB, and got a new running friend. He was going to head to the gym, and didn’t think he’d be able to keep up with me (oh, guys!), and we had a fabulous run. He was pushin’ me without me letting him know it too much. We had some good talkin’ too. And the dog came and was good again!

Day 32– OFF

Day 31– (10/22/09) Run #??

I looked awesome. As it was getting closer to Halloween, and I love the Pistons, I thought I’d support both:


Will have to get info from Garmin…sure…I’ll probably do that

Day 30– OFF

Day 29Run #46

Day 28– OFF

Day 27Run #47

Day 26– OFF

Day 25– OFF

Day 24– (10/29/09) Run #48 9 miles in 1:31 !!!

Day 23– OFF

Day 22– OFF

Day 21Run #495k Free to Breathe race – 3.1 miles 24:25
What a great day, a great race, good times, good people. I got a cramp, and apparently there were some uphills (people walking said that- but I didn’t notice because I’ve been training with HUGE hills). But, I told myself- “Think of the pain and suffering people with cancer have to go through!” and I pushed it until the end, cramp and all. I compared it to my last year’s Thanksgiving-day 10k. That time was about 55 minutes, so this is MUCH better! 7:50 pace = not bad!

Can’t believe there are only 3 weeks until the race! Must run more than 10 miles!!!


Day 20OFF

Day 19OFF

Day 18Run #50 ~4 miles ~39 min (including several minutes walking) Had to run right after school meeting, so I didn’t have my Garmin. The good thing was once it started getting dark I ran faster, but I did get a big ‘ol cramp. I wonder if it was due to water consumption too close to running? I’m a lil scurred!

Day 17– (11/05/09)

I don’t know which is worse- my lack of good training, or my lack of updating this page. Probably the training thing! (And, to make matters worse, I am only occasionally taking pictures. But- I have lost a few pounds in the past few weeks, despite still pigging out every now and then!)

Day 16– OFF

Day 15– OFF

Day 14– OFF

Day 13Run #51 12 miles! 2 hrs!!!

I am so proud of myself! I was planning something over 10, like 11, and once I got over 10 it felt so great that I decided to do 12 (because it’s getting so close to race day!). I’m really glad I did, and the time was not bad either! A new ipod playlist really helped. Tip- switch up the music you listen to (or whether you listen to music or not), for more fun runs! I felt so great about it, and still do.

Day 12– OFF Surprised I wasn’t sore!

Day 11– OFF I did have a weird soreness under my butt for a bit, and my toe still hurts from being sort of blistered, but overall I feel great! (Just wish I’d ran :))

Day 10– OFF (11/12/09) Definitely wish I’d ran, but it was cold and rainy and I was kinda depressed. A run woulda helped, but it just wasn’t happening!

Day 9 Run #5? – 5 miles in 47 min
Not bad! It was cold and sprinkly out, but I knew I had to run since I hadn’t in FOREVER. I went with a friend and it was great because we also had a wonderful conversation. Tip: find a running buddy and you may be surprised to see that you hardly even notice you’re running because you’re having so much fun. AND! I told her it was good that she was pushing me to go faster, and she said the same- she thought I was pushing her. That happens a lot, and if you’re having good conversation then you have no time to complain!

I checked the weather as it’s close enough to see the predicted weather for race day, and it might be rainy. I decided I’ll buy myself some rainproof running gear to motivate me!

Day 8OFF The countdown is on! Hard to believe that it’s just a little over a week away!

Day 7OFF

Day 6OFF

Day 5Run #5? – 5 miles – ??min.
Wasn’t pushing anything here, but was happy to be doing a countdown run- TIP: when you get close to a big race, don’t run more miles than the number of days away the race is.

Day 4OFF My mom just told me it’s illegal to run with i-pods and that a few people ran whole marathons and got disqualified due to evidence of wearing them in race photos! They weren’t even given a chance, I mean, what if they didn’t read the rules carefully?!

Day 3– (11/19/09)

Day 2Run #5? 3.8 miles in like 43 min – running with my slow, but good to talk to running pal and another friend. It was a verrrrryyy nice easy, slow run

Day 1OFF Though my mom told me I should get out there and do a short jog at around the time I’m supposed to get up and run tomorrow, I didn’t do that. I was lucky to leave a party early and get home and to bed in a respectable time and state.

I can’t believe I’m gonna run a 1/2 marathon tomorrow!

Day 0– 13.1 miles, 2:01:46 (with stops and great pic opportunities)

It was awesome! It started hurting around mile 10, and I was sure I would never want to run a marathon (that hasn’t changed 1/2 a year later!), but it was a worthwhile accomplishment. It was fun, especially the first cheers of strangers to help me not feel so cold (I thought it’d be okay to not wear anything to peel off, even though it was only like 37 degrees!). I did warm up, and warmed up to the idea, but I didn’t push myself fast enough. At the same time, I’m glad I did enjoy myself, and I did push it, and I did a great job. Who cares if it wasn’t under 2 hours, it basically was.


I even ended up getting a Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon race shirt mailed to me because somewhere between bag-checking it (braving the cold so it’d be “safe”- I thought), it got stolen. They said it’d cost $25, plus shipping, and then one day around Christmastime, I received one in the mail. Yay- thank you, Philadelphia Marathon planners!

It was a really fun 1/2 Marathon, and I recommend it to anyone in the area. I don’t plan on doing it again at this time, I’m thinking of triathlons, but mostly I’m just glad for that accomplishment, and am still very thankful for when I get out on runs, because I’m lucky to love it and appreciate it for the awesome activity it is!

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