Juice Cleanse Detox Fast Thing

I’m doing a juice cleanse. I didn’t want to fast (due to blood sugar concerns), but I did want to do something drastic (since giving up sugar, and eating healthier, have not been concrete enough for me).

I intend to do this for 7 days, with the possibility of extending or altering it.

I’m doing it for a number of reasons, losing weight is the least of my concerns, but I wouldn’t mind dropping a little weight…more so in the long-run. I just want to jump-start a healthy diet, and I have a few things I want to work out- energy level, giving up coffee addiction, fatigue, etc. to name some.

I do eat pretty healthily, and I exercise from time to time (walk a lot). Last year I did a 1/2 marathon and discussed the training on that. It was great. I do intend to get back into running more, but probably won’t do any during my juice cleanse.

Below I will recount each day, including what I took in food-wise.

Day 1 (out of 7) (07/26/10)

Juice: ~4 cups (32 oz. total) Tea: ~3 cups (24 oz. total) Water: ~6 cups (48 oz. total) Total liquids: ~100 oz. Solid: 1/2 cup raspberries

[youtube z9xdJ6MgJ6Q]

Daily summary: I looked at a lot youtube videos, did a lot of reading online, and research I probably should have done before, but I decided I’ll do the juice cleanse for 7 days and see how it goes along the way.

I really like what these healthy, super-sweet people did. They seem very smart, and incorporated dry skin brushing, enemas, and hot/cold showers in with their juice fast.

I intend to do skin brushing, maybe I’ll just try to alternate some hot/cold in the shower but will not be going to great extents with that. I started considering an enema, but, no thanks! Even a laxative is a bit scary for me, but I will include that, as juicing makes it so there’s no fiber from the veggies!

I juiced more than I ever have before in a day, but it wasn’t a lot (I read somewhere a gallon of juice would be good, I made less than half of that!). I did keep up with hydration, but could do even better tomorrow. I had a mild headache which is mostly, if not totally, caused by caffeine withdrawal- I’m guessing.

I watched some TV, went outside for a bit, read some from a good book about women’s health, “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”, and did my best not to think about food. I purchased vegetable juice supplies in the morning, and bought some raspberries, at first thinking I would juice and maybe eat some fruit or veggies. But then I read into it more and realized I want my digestion to have very little work to do, so I won’t be eating that stuff. At 8pm, however, I decided to eat some raspberries, due to hunger and boredom. Let me tell you, they were the most delicious raspberries I have ever tasted! (They were organic, but I think it was the hunger/lack of food that made them taste so intense).

I made some videos, but am frustrated that the audio doesn’t match up (probably the low-quality laptop webcam I’m using), and I tried to go to bed early, but ended up going to bed around 1am.

[youtube VXs8TRMO7X0]

Day 2 (out of 7) (07/27/10)

Juice: ~ cups ( oz. total) Tea: ~ cups ( oz. total) Water: ~ cups ( oz. total) Total liquids: ~ oz. Solid:

Daily summary: I had a lot of trouble getting up this morning. Don’t know if it was a lack of energy, caffeine withdrawal issues, or because it’s the Summer and I have a wacky schedule and always oversleep?

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