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What’s Good – Most Stuff

I know a lot of you are personally wondering what I’ve been up to, and how I’ve been doing. Good! I’m just finishing up a teaching year, so I’m sorry to say I haven’t blogged and won’t be able to … Continue reading

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Gainfully Employed. Gratefully Elated.

Not only did I find a job, but it is a teaching job. Not only is it a teaching job, but it is one that I finally love! (At least most of the time- who knew that could happen?!). This … Continue reading

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Pfeiffer Fire in Big Sur

Ever since hearing Monday morning about wildfire that started in Pfeiffer state park in Big Sur, I’ve been obsessively following the news and didn’t feel a bit consoled until after hearing today that it is approximately 74% contained- my worry … Continue reading

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Help! I’m Unemployed and Feeling Worthless!!

“Help! I’m Unemployed and Feeling Worthless!!” Is what I felt a lot since I was “laid off” from my job in August (not enough work for me). But there have been times in the last few weeks (maybe just over … Continue reading

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Everyone’s Addicted to Something

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, or sex, gambling, shopping, overeating, or something seemingly less destructive, like gossiping or, say, watching TV, virtually everyone has an addiction. Even things like sugar can be pretty destructive. You can be addicted to “good” things … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution- Blog Every Day

Write a blog every day, what?! Happy New Year! I know personally this year HAS to be better than last year, f’real. And I will blog about it!

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How to Navigate Facebook Timeline

As Facebook now rolls out the “Timeline” to all its users, there are sure to be more than the usual fair share of complaints. And rightfully so. They have made it so it is easy for someone you just became … Continue reading

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At Least He Got to Watch Old School Before he Died

This man is AMAZING. Now he will go to be in heaven, and I have another guardian angel to look over me, inspire me, and help me get famous and save the world 😉 jk 😉

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pretty much my worst fears have come true in my life. a few months ago i was complaining alldistraughtly, WHAT THE @#$% WILL I DO, HOW WILL I LIVE, IF TWO OF MY FAMILY MEMBERS DIE IN THE SAME YEAR?! … Continue reading

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Seriously S#$%^y

There my life was, having some ups and some downs, and quite a few changes, actually, and then, something totally unexpected happened. And it was/is totally traumatic. Terrible. My sister was killed in a car accident. I have been through … Continue reading

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