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My personal recommendations for your trip to Vegas – only 2, so they’re pretty serious!

I went to Las Vegas! for the first time this summer. I have two important recommendations, based on who I am and what stood out most poignantly for me: #1- Watch the Bellagio Fountain Light Show. Multiple times. It goes … Continue reading

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Quick! Everybody look at Ghetto!!

Recently discovered Ghetto Hikes, where a 28 y.o. guy takes urban kids on nature excursions, and just notes the awesome things they say. This reminds me of some good teaching moments, funny quotes, interesting observations, etc…but even better because it … Continue reading

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How to Write a Marriage Leave Application

I’ve gotten a lot of people searching for marriage leave applications and how to write them because I once make a joke post about a Marriage Application for potential suitors. I believe that in India (and other countries(?)) they have … Continue reading

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Exquisite Tour de France Photos

The old Tour de France, in its 95th year in this fine year of 2008, is as full of beautiful French glory as ever. The picturesque countrysides, the pictures. Take a look at these 2008 Tour de France photos that … Continue reading

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The City of Lights Goes Green

I have always loved how environmentally conscious the French were in quirky ways. When I studied abroad, there was a penguin stalking me. The penguin was always telling me to take shorter showers, or to “Let’s act for tomorrow, every … Continue reading

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Exotic Fruits from Exotic Places

As you continue to enjoy your freedom weekend, think about other places than the United States. Why? All too often I hear kids asking why can’t the French learn English, and other ignorant comments like that. America would not be … Continue reading

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a happy thought about my past

“Wazzup” I am happy for that little guy, and happy to say that I am a good, well-rounded person who is by no means boring enough to be described in a few words like “good, well-rounded”. The reason I blog … Continue reading

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a relaxing and unique image to brighten the day of a disheartened girl (who’s too busy to blog/sleep)

All I want to do is get more than 4 hours a night of sleep, but apparently not enough- I procrastinate, have “fun” (like going to TJ’s or Whole Foods to get some sustenance), and end up doing lesson plans … Continue reading

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