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this could be about actual coffee but more likely it’s about what happens to me when i drink too much or it could be nothing really, so, in essence, coffee talk. yeah!

what some people may #$%^ to realize

failure is a four letter word! well, i guess not failure exactly hmm. a boy ordered a ‘tall’ cup of espresso today at sbuxysauce. tall=12ounces=we put 9 shots in before i got worried about lawsuits, but apparently he does this … Continue reading

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“i’m not addicted to coffee, i’m just addicted to not getting enough sleep”

someone asked me why i don’t ever get sleep. it’s not because of the coffee, that’s just a byproduct. but please do try the starbucks’ Christmas Blend, it is soo delicious this year. definitely my favorite coffee. and if you’re … Continue reading

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and this just in from almost the same amount of caffeine as starbucks coffee!!!

my recent mention of the energy drink cocaine got me reading all of this stuff about the politics behind the controversy, someone made a good point, think of the ever-exalted Paris Hilton and her behavior! it’s true peepz, kids know … Continue reading

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demythtified- (#1) More caffeine in chai tea than coffee?

Last night someone tried to tell me that chai tea has more caffeine than coffee. but doing any of a number of searches online will tell you that’s not true. “One of the more confusing aspects of caffeine content is … Continue reading

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too many finger cracks and too little dimensions

my fingers are cracked from using the sanitizer at work so right now i am actually (trying) to rework my typing fingers. too hard- i will just press lightly like. yeah, not enough time around here for doing everything. i … Continue reading

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as i sit me down to eggs and spoiled coffee

with all the coffee i get from my workywa, you’d really think i’d be enjoying a piping hot fresh cup of coffee every time i ever even had the slightest itching for it. well, you see, my bro adoomski got … Continue reading

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just definitely not doing homework right now

hey. yeah. yesterday was a nice delicious iced coffee day. today? (after only about 3 hours of sleep again) i just started pouring shots of espresso into a cup with some ice. straight up iced espresso. and it tasted good. … Continue reading

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do you ever _______

-have miniature panic attacks (most likely aggravated by drinking several strong iced coffees in a 6-hour time span) and feel like you don’t exactly know what is going on in the world or in your head and you almost pass … Continue reading

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