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this could be about actual coffee but more likely it’s about what happens to me when i drink too much or it could be nothing really, so, in essence, coffee talk. yeah!

coffee curve #nanowrimo – day 1 of national novel writing month, november 2013

write a novel in 30 days? crazy, right?! but over 100,000 people are aiming to do just that. fueled by insanity, fellow writers’ comraderie, and, of course, coffee!, we aim to do what some struggle to do in years. that’s … Continue reading

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Seltzer Water with Fresh-Squeezed Lemons

This has saved my life, my thirst, my future. I always say, and I quote Amandoo: “Hydration is the key to success”. It really makes a lot of differences. And soder and coffee do not do you good. (But I … Continue reading

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i will so often do illogical things, but i think a lot of humans are that way. is illogical synonymous with faults? i don’t necessarily think ’tis so. procrastination is very counterproductive, yet i do it all the time. the … Continue reading

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coffee ideas

i love love love this coffee: from “The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company” in the flavor of Zen (it’s organic!) i also thought i’d just take a picture of myself with it, because i’m too lazy to upload and transfer … Continue reading

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Ways to Save Money on Coffee

Here are some random tips I’ve come up with to save money on coffee, both in my personal life, and based on watching people spends hundreds of dollars a month at Starbucks. If there’s any hope: 1) Give it up … Continue reading

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winter storm = blogging storm

i hope to blog six quality blogs in a matter of minutes/hours/snowflakes. 1) update on those things 2) spicy steoup 3) the kids with the baskets 4) aminals! 5) possibly a little tiny magical f_yi_g _q_i_r_ _l 6) secret surprises … Continue reading

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Diet Steaz Energy Drink

Steaz has a wonderful energy drink out right now that has 80 mg caffeine from awesome natural sources- green tea, guarana, acai, and yerba mate. What more could you want from an energy drink? Less sugar. And NO. Not the … Continue reading

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got an espresso machine!

don’t tell strawbyhobby that i got it from walmywamwam for 29.99. pathetic! jk haha lol. you see, i did go to starbucks for the ‘accessory kit’ to make up for what it lacked (spoons, shot glasses, steaming pitcher with thermometer) … Continue reading

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i’m manic panic

even a bad cup of coffee (but with the right timing) can make life seem overly splendid. manic. i’m manic. and last night someone said my hair looks like ‘manic panic’. other than that i am like a jittery jangle … Continue reading

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kawfee tawk

Coffee that is ground up should really be thrown away within a week to ensure maximum freshness. Freezing coffee isn’t actually better for it, it takes away from the quality. A good espresso shot should be in the range of … Continue reading

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