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Well of Life Center Cancer Testimonial Removal Review

Update 2017: Due to an email from a concerned family member of someone who may have experienced negligence at the Well of Life, I decided to go back on the site to check out their testimonials. And what do I … Continue reading

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I snapped a pic of razors and refill cartridges in the grocery store so I could go home and compare/price shop online. I was extremely disappointed to see Gillette Venus razor refills are still about $14 (for 4! FOUR!) on … Continue reading

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I’m Addicted to Words with Friends…but…

Words with Friends has been an amazing addition to my lifestyle lately. No, it’s not pathetic. It’s the perfect way to fill the gaps in between pauses in listening to my work. Well, that’s how I intended it. I got … Continue reading

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Ice Creations Cafe in Jenkintown is Overpriced

OK, so maybe I haven’t gotten ice cream at “Ice Creations Cafe” yet, but I can guess it’d also be overpriced, or at least really expensive. There isn’t even a billboard with prices up. The reason I’m taking the time … Continue reading

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“Hot Machines” by the Alphabests

It speaks, or rather, sings, rhymes, and rocks…for itself. The Alphabests – Hot Machines yay album release! i may or may not be on this album!! Listen now, BUY later! 🙂

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Organic Mascara

I decided to try Physician’s Formula Organic Wear mascara since I’m into natural products and minimizing harmful chemicals and toxins and cancer-causing agents. It was about $8 at a store I’d rather not admit that I occasionally shop at. Compared … Continue reading

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Confession: I’m Reading and Loving Confessions of a Shopaholic

I’m surprised at how much I can relate to the main character of this book. I think I’ll finish reading it (I’m flying through it) and then watch the movie. It’s funny, but I really like it a lot more … Continue reading

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Goop Reminds me of “Better Off Dead”

Remember that awesome part in “Better Off Dead” when the mother serves up some blue raisin schloop? Then it goes and slurps right off the plate? I love that movie! I just finished wasting over an hour on a whirlwind … Continue reading

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Mary’s Gone Crackers STICKS & TWIGS Snack is the Best Thing Since Pretzels

Organic Mary’s Gone Crackers Sticks and Twigs snack is out of control awesome. I mean, I’m blogging at 1:40 am directly after eating them for the first time, and I could not resist spreading the good word. They’re: -wheat-free -gluten-free … Continue reading

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Why I Think UP Is Such A Great Movie

UP was spectacular. Most common positive adjectives I can think of (excellent, awesome, wonderful, heartwarming, etc), and a lot of more descriptive ones as well. I’ll try to come up with several reasons why I loved it so much. –It’s … Continue reading

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