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I’m Addicted to Words with Friends…but…

Words with Friends has been an amazing addition to my lifestyle lately. No, it’s not pathetic. It’s the perfect way to fill the gaps in between pauses in listening to my work. Well, that’s how I intended it. I got … Continue reading

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music is your best friend sometimes (thomas newman = the genius at hand)

i come from a family where music can mean anything and everything to each of us. i know a lot of people probably feel that way, but if i spent two hours getting into it, you might get what i’m … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year Again – Daryl Nathan

This guy is simply the best. It’s only because of him that I love the 4th of July so much. He represents true freedom of expression to me. [youtube 7-n8epVdiEg] The Great Daryl Nathan – 4th of July I love … Continue reading

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Ice Creations Cafe in Jenkintown is Overpriced

OK, so maybe I haven’t gotten ice cream at “Ice Creations Cafe” yet, but I can guess it’d also be overpriced, or at least really expensive. There isn’t even a billboard with prices up. The reason I’m taking the time … Continue reading

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Erykah Badu sings for an H&M commercial!?!

Interesting, I just saw this commercial for the first time (don’t watch a lot of TV, hence the fact that this came out Fall 2010 and I hadn’t heard or seen it yet), and I heard that uniquely gorgeous voice … Continue reading

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End of Year is Almost Hear

I wrote “hear” instead of “here” as a reference to all the end of year mashups/best-of’s people make (Rolling Stones’ lists, anyone?). I care most about music, so I like a lot of the “best album of the year” and … Continue reading

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“Hot Machines” by the Alphabests

It speaks, or rather, sings, rhymes, and rocks…for itself. The Alphabests – Hot Machines yay album release! i may or may not be on this album!! Listen now, BUY later! 🙂

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“Exit Through the Gift Shop” – go see it, now.

“Best movie ever.” -my boyfriend. But I think he really meant it. Especially because he was very hesitant to see it, and probably was just fancying a whim for me. It quite possibly is that, though. “Beyond words- you need … Continue reading

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Upstares & Sotto Varalli – Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia – AMAZING (tasty, speedy service!!)

Here’s a link to Varalliusa or Upstares restaurant in Philadelphia. I haven’t been blogging much lately, and I’m no renowned food critic, so I’ll make this short and sweet. The food was excellent, but more importantly, the service was SPECTACULAR! … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Problems

Can’t stop listening to questionable rap music. It’s better than what’s on repeat on the radio, but, that said. I wonder about myself sometimes. To share, I’d like you to consider these songs: 50 Cent – Baby by Me featuring … Continue reading

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