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Well of Life Center Cancer Testimonial Removal Review

Update 2017: Due to an email from a concerned family member of someone who may have experienced negligence at the Well of Life, I decided to go back on the site to check out their testimonials. And what do I … Continue reading

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Girls Season 2 Finale: “Together” Did Not Really Get its #@$% Together

I guess, considering how far out there the plotline of Girls had gotten this season, the season 2 finale of Girls ended up being passably ok. This has been a lackluster season compared to the first, with fewer relatable and … Continue reading

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“Sleepwalk With Me” – 4-star movie (which is a good endorsement, and i’m just jealous cuz he’s a comedian)

“Sleepwalk With Me” – watched it recently, it was worthwhile, true-to-life in a “oh-that-hurts-sometimes-life-sucks-but-it’s-life-but-also-still-pretty-awesomazing-beautiful”, in this “inspired by real events” film. i didn’t know that before i watched it, but i had an inkling. anyway, the story is about an … Continue reading

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Thomas Newman is a Profoundly Amazing Musical Genius

Luckily, I’d already written a post on him, somewhat: “music is your best friend sometimes (thomas newman = the genius at hand)” That post was inspired when I was being deeply affected emotionally by his song below, which i could … Continue reading

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I snapped a pic of razors and refill cartridges in the grocery store so I could go home and compare/price shop online. I was extremely disappointed to see Gillette Venus razor refills are still about $14 (for 4! FOUR!) on … Continue reading

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Ludacris – One More Drink ft. T-Pain – Ludicrous video!

[youtube tzZFE-9gb7Q] I was actually watching “Money Maker” because I love the beginning drum/symphonic beat. And it’s hilarious. Then I was led to “One More Drink.” Don’t think I’d heard it before. Never seen the video. It was redonk. Luda … Continue reading

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pinterest addict

(a pin i made when i first joined) i recently got addicted to pinterest, even though i’d joined years ago when it first started and didn’t really care for it. it might be because of any or all of these … Continue reading

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Zion I – Mind Over Matter – “Revolution”

I was listening through some old underground hip hop music I have, and I heard this song [Zion I – Mind Over Matter – “Revolution” ], and fell in love again. Continue reading

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Breakin 2 : Electric Boogalo

umm…all i can say right now is, that, i watched the movie Breakin 2 : Electric Boogalo [youtube QiVrb8GPvtA] it was nothing short of not only just amazing, but, it has immediately jumped in the ranks to maybe one of … Continue reading

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Bridesmaids – not just a movie for women in their 20s/30s

Okay, even though I titled this post “Bridesmaids – not just a movie for women in their 20s/30s”, it probably is better enjoyed by women, and best enjoyed by those who have ever had the blessing of (or have been … Continue reading

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