Books I’ve Read (partial list)

    Books I’ve Read

(This is only a partial list, obviously! I didn’t start keeping track when I was six or when I really got into reading around eight. What did inspire me is how, with my late father in mind, I got a library card in my new locale, and have begun to happily devour books in my spare time). Uhh, stay tuned until after nanowrimo!

Here is the format I’ll follow:

***** (star rating) Book (Time frame) ~Thoughts~

**1/2 Wild (10/13) ~over-rated piece of #@$%! jk jk. that was rude. author cheryl strayed recently zapped critics and i don’t want to go and be another one. but, to give it a bit more thought- it almost seemed like she did the trip to write a book about it, like she’d learned the meaning of life and some philosophical lessons. if she did learn deep lessons, she didn’t really share those in the book. it was a bit flaky in that sense, but a nice easy read overall, and decent writing.

** True Secret of Writing (09/13) ~I like the Zen stuff, and the book subconsciously makes me feel like it will help me WRITE!, but there is not much novel content. I will stick to referencing the “Writing Down the Bones” I have on occasion when I want something in the flavor of Natalie Goldberg’s inspirational snippets of quick-jots type ideas.

* The Freedom of Being at ease with what is (09/13) ~This is a type of book I would have thought looked good on amazon or wherever, then I’d buy it, read some of it, and kinda regret buying it because I’d never finish it. But since I am a proud member of the library, I got it out, and while I did like some of the content, I already knew a lot of it. I am pretty well versed on awareness and living in the now, taking away past limitations and negativity, and focusing on a realistic way of being, etc…what can I say, I’m a Zen Buddha Master! No. Not at all. And I am aware that ego is part of the problem and gettin’ egoey is frowned on. So let’s just say you might like the book, but it didn’t “pop” enough for me to read it hoping to learn something I haven’t read before.

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