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Well of Life Center Cancer Testimonial Removal Review

Update 2017: Due to an email from a concerned family member of someone who may have experienced negligence at the Well of Life, I decided to go back on the site to check out their testimonials. And what do I … Continue reading

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What’s Good – Most Stuff

I know a lot of you are personally wondering what I’ve been up to, and how I’ve been doing. Good! I’m just finishing up a teaching year, so I’m sorry to say I haven’t blogged and won’t be able to … Continue reading

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Student Loan Debt Doubts

I have multiple student loans from both undergraduate and graduate school. I have been doing a combination of deferring, forbearing, and paying what I can intermittently with avoiding and going through major bouts of anxiety over dealing with them (as … Continue reading

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Gainfully Employed. Gratefully Elated.

Not only did I find a job, but it is a teaching job. Not only is it a teaching job, but it is one that I finally love! (At least most of the time- who knew that could happen?!). This … Continue reading

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2014 is here!

This year I didn’t make any resolutions, so now I’m not beating myself up about not having made a post or whatever else I think I should be doing. I’m thinking this is going to be a good year! Stay … Continue reading

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Pfeiffer Fire in Big Sur

Ever since hearing Monday morning about wildfire that started in Pfeiffer state park in Big Sur, I’ve been obsessively following the news and didn’t feel a bit consoled until after hearing today that it is approximately 74% contained- my worry … Continue reading

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It’s So Hard…To Say Goodbye…To Yesterday!!!

Remember that song? I still have trouble, six months later, remembering the things I had to say goodbye to, the things I left behind. It was hard for me to move, mostly because I had an over-attachment to my stuff, … Continue reading

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Help! I’m Unemployed and Feeling Worthless!!

“Help! I’m Unemployed and Feeling Worthless!!” Is what I felt a lot since I was “laid off” from my job in August (not enough work for me). But there have been times in the last few weeks (maybe just over … Continue reading

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quick, #nanowrimo day 2 starts in 5 minutes!

#nanowrimo day 1 word count: approx. 3,222. yeah. awesome, right? well. i said approx. for a reason. one of the sections i did i might throw out or massively edit and work it back in. i’m feeling like i’m heading … Continue reading

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coffee curve #nanowrimo – day 1 of national novel writing month, november 2013

write a novel in 30 days? crazy, right?! but over 100,000 people are aiming to do just that. fueled by insanity, fellow writers’ comraderie, and, of course, coffee!, we aim to do what some struggle to do in years. that’s … Continue reading

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