Well of Life Center Cancer Testimonial Removal Review

Update 2016: It appears the Well of Life has redone their website and when looking through their testimonials I did not seem to find my father’s. I am glad that they took it off their site if that is the case. It makes me respect them more, and I can say to their credit I do know of several people going to them who have had positive results. As with any health treatment, you should use a mix of natural health and science, as well as your own intuition and common sense!

The Well of Life Center for Natural Health, which has locations in Ottsville and Doylestown, PA, is a health center that uses muscle testing and other means of helping patients on their journey to health. My father, his wife (my stepmother), and their kids all went (or still go) there. I was even a patient. However, I have a story I must tell!

My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2009. Though he did have an improvement in his lungs and the cancer went into remission in 2010, we didn’t know to what extent it was spreading in his body (brain and spine). He sadly died from this metastasized cancer in 2011.

Why I am writing about these events? I am in utter shock and disbelief that the Well of Life will not take down the testimonial that is up there from my father, talking about how they helped his lung cancer that “went into remission”! Could it be that they don’t want to take down what looks to be like their most salient testimonial? (So I thought it my duty to share this bizarre story!)

Here is my father’s testimonial. Note it’s the longest and first one on the page.

well father inaccurate testimonial

It is not only inaccurate in not reflecting that he died from said lung cancer, but they are seemingly claiming they helped almost cure him of it. If someone with cancer reads this misleading testimonial, they might not only get a false sense of hope for the Well of Life’s ability to help with such a serious illness, but they could also receive incorrect and misleading medical advice like my father did. You see, they told him after my sister was killed in a car crash (four months prior to his death) that his new and persistent headaches were from grief!

I don’t know which is more ludicrous- the fact that they wouldn’t take it down out of respect to his living children (though his wife does support it being left up), or the negligent bit of misinformation that may have contributed in part to his demise (the “what if” of what could have happened if he had been advised to go to a doctor/got a CT scan at that point will always plague his kids!).

I could get into other distressing details but will not, as this is already painful enough to have received an email today stating they would not take down the testimonial (this is my second request; the first was met with my stepmother contacting me about why she supports it being kept up).

I suggested that if they and my stepmother felt that the Well contributed to his health, (which it arguably may have, in a way, as they do help people eat better and take supplements), that they at least re-write the testimonial to include the updated fact that he is no longer with us, and did succumb to the cancer that they are trying to tout that they helped him with!!!

I’ll let the email speak for itself that I received from the Director of Operations:

well of life testimonial removal request response

(I could write a whole additional post dissecting this email!)

And my last point of contention? For claiming to know someone and their wishes so well (I do have another side to that story!), could you learn how to spell his name?! It’s Garry, not Gary! Sheesh!!

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