Pfeiffer Fire in Big Sur

I love you, Big Sur! Fire be contained asap, I pray. Healing regrowth on the way!!

I love you, Big Sur! Fire be contained asap, I pray. Healing regrowth on the way!!

Ever since hearing Monday morning about wildfire that started in Pfeiffer state park in Big Sur, I’ve been obsessively following the news and didn’t feel a bit consoled until after hearing today that it is approximately 74% contained- my worry is lessened a bit. I’m not trying to make it about me, like “my worry” is so important.

My concern is, naturally, for those who have lost their homes, and the beauteous nature destroyed. I’m a bit consoled to reflect on how nature is alive and can heal and regrow, granted with a lot of time. It’s too soon to say how much damage has been done (though the news estimates it around 800 acres currently).

As far as those who have lost their homes, my heart goes out to them. I can relate to the grief aspect, knowing intimately the aftermath of great loss, but I can only imagine how hard it would be to lose their homes in such a beautiful place. On the bright side, we can be glad that no one died in the fire- that is quite fortunate!

The story of a young photographer, Kodiak Greenwood, who lost his home in the fire, made a lasting impact on me today.

Just a couple of inspiring quotes from him:

• “A lot of clutter in your life can be a distraction. It clutters your mind.”

• “I feel much more humble. I feel like being a nicer person. I really hope to see our community come together. It is a special thing [when it does].”

And coming together the community is doing. I’ve read about many ways in which the greater Big Sur community is offering to help in this time of great local need. From free meals to places to stay, and a warehouse already filled with donations, there is a huge and immediate outpouring of charity. And from a much-needed financial standpoint, there is the Big Sur Fire 2013 page and a lot of individual/family gofundme fundraising pages, like Kodiak Greenwood’s.

In light of the fire and a recent incident I am not yet to be able to publicly discuss, I have been thinking about my personal “clutter” and possessions and the importance I place on them. I can donate clothes, toiletries, and even electronics to help out.

I really want to reach out to people too. There is definitely a counselor-type yearning in me; perhaps I will indeed go back to school for trauma counseling training. We shall see. For now, even though all I want to do is go be involved and helping people personally (like I did every time someone I knew had a loved one die, after my own losses), I will sit back and remember when I have this urge, to act appropriately. I can find out the most beneficial ways for me to help without being there. And I need to take care of myself and my life- finish baking gifts for my beloved friends and family afar, and preparing for Christmas, and taking time to enjoy life. And be appreciative of all that I have.

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