It’s So Hard…To Say Goodbye…To Yesterday!!!

Remember that song?

Saying Goodbye to Recycled Paper Man

I still have trouble, six months later, remembering the things I had to say goodbye to, the things I left behind. It was hard for me to move, mostly because I had an over-attachment to my stuff, and having gone through trauma times (2011), it was even more complicated (related to making decisions about what to keep or not, not knowing what my future career path would be).

Anyway, I was browsing my de-hoarding pics (I am not a hoarder, but, after hearing that’s a technique used to help them (taking pictures of things and throwing them away), well, who am I to pretend I’m above them)…anyway, I found this great pic above.

It was recycled paper I had made by hand! Painstakingly. Like, not using the correct tools, and somehow ending up with a decent product anyway (decent enough I used them for my best friend’s wedding shower invites!). And I still had a few, and didn’t want to, but in order to help me get rid of it, I made this little guy.

It’s true. Sometimes it really is so hard, to say goodbye, to yesterday.

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