quick, #nanowrimo day 2 starts in 5 minutes!

#nanowrimo day 1 word count: approx. 3,222. yeah. awesome, right? well. i said approx. for a reason. one of the sections i did i might throw out or massively edit and work it back in. i’m feeling like i’m heading in a direction, but still not 100% sure of which way.

my good second writing segment was with a local group write-in and i focused on a chapter: The President.

at the very least, i am writing a lot, and getting down many blips and expanding ideas from crazy life experiences i’ve been meaning to write about.

and my favorite critic, whom i was pissed at yesterday for saying anything about my writing, is today my best friend again (boyfriend). he’s right. i do need to slow down a little and really think. critically. analytically. and craft my writing. i’ll spew out words for national novel writing month, but i’ll focus on also doing some real thinking, planning, and re-writing of small passages, on the side, because i haven’t disciplined myself to do that. need to do that.

and, lucky me, i have the time!

#nanowrimo day 1 word count: 3,222

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