Preparing for #nanowrimo – By procrastinating until the last second!

#nanowrimo, hashtag short for National Novel Writing Month, has become my favorite new lil word. will be all month. if i stick to this project! 🙂

i plan on writing a novel in november (at least 50,000 words), and will do it by just that- doing it. writing.

a lot of people have blogs posts with titles like “7 tips for prepping for nanowrimo” and the like…for example “How to Survive NaNoWriMo – 7 tips to keep going” (so many tweets have been posted since I read that article like 2 hours ago it’s deeply buried.

this blog post is part of my continued procrastination (i don’t have a novel outline, let alone a solid idea of what i’m going to write about (in my defense, because, all the writing brainstorming i’ve ever done was for a non-fiction autobiography/memoir), but i think my genre will be a fictionalized memoir, and, if i’m lucky, maybe of the humor genre.

and the twitosphere is blowing up with all these writers abuzz on social media- a pre-self-publishing of sorts, and i will be guilty of “publishing” many tweets during this period i’m sure.

i think a work of fiction will be fun for me, as i’m usually so heady (too much ruminating!). my brain will need to work for me this month, but my creativity can flourish as i explore characters and plotlines previously unbeknownst.

how to prepare for national novel writing month? (spoiler alert- i won’t ever get to it, i’m not a concrete/organized type)

it depends on your personality type. being a writer is almost synonymous with being a procrastinator. so a lot of people, as i’ve even already seen evidence of since #nanowrimo has started in the east and now even mountain time zone, are starting off by just writing. they may have a vague idea, or perhaps even not, like how you just have to run to remind yourself you like running and it both feels and IS good for you.

i love writing all my silly, disorganized blog posts. writing for #nanowrimo will be similar to that. the much-needed editing will come later. (probably)(i’m a master procrastinator). BUT! it will! This is the TIME!!! “IF NOT NOW, WHEN?!”

i have support from the masses of people online doing it, and my local group in monterey, ca, and i am greatly looking forward to this month will bring. sure, excuses might come up, but no excuse is really valid to not find time to write at least 1,667 words a day, average, for me, because i’ve helped myself prep for nanowrimo in these three ways:

1) don’t have a job 2) don’t have kids 3) don’t go to school

so then, you ask, what am I doing? WRITING. THAT’S WHAT.


well, hopefully, unless it becomes another one of these. but it hasn’t started yet. and to plan, in conclusion, i have also done the following:

1) drank caffeinated iced tea at a late dinner (not on purpose, but probably subconsciously!)
2) distracted myself by watching some good (and bad!) TV/movies (currently from dusk til dawn)
3) “warmed up” by writing a blog post that’s about 1/3 the length of what i’m planning to kickstart my month of intensive writing with. i’m going for at least 1,000 words (they do have to shape themselves into a direction at some point, i’m thinking), and i am warmed up- i love me some ADD-esque blog posting!

final thoughts:

-God help us all, those doing #nanowrimo

-May I find the strength to average at least 1700 words a day (approx.) because I am, after all, going to WRITE like it’s my JOB! The strength and the perseverance and the motivation that comes from the pen to paper rolling momentum (and I know there will definitely be a few days I won’t want to/won’t write anything!)

-Most importantly, just as with my favorite sport of golf, it’s all about ME beating my own personal record. It’s not about fame and fortune (though of course I wouldn’t mind and do hope for those a lil). It’s also not about making myself appear like something I’m not- a human who has their shit together. I am leading a less-drama-filled-life-than-ever-before and I really like that and see benefits, but I remember what’s important. To live in the present, and be aware, and think critically about things- for myself! So I shouldn’t get totally distracted by other people’s postings and tweets or feel competitive. Just enjoy the company. Just like with anything in life, there will always be people “better” at writing than me, and also people “worse” at it. It’s all relative. Now go have fun and WRITE!

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