coffee curve #nanowrimo – day 1 of national novel writing month, november 2013

write a novel in 30 days? crazy, right?! but over 100,000 people are aiming to do just that.

fueled by insanity, fellow writers’ comraderie, and, of course, coffee!, we aim to do what some struggle to do in years.

that’s a little pompously phrased, because, i have yet to make headway due to debating three or four novel plot lines. plus, the epic book i was going to write had all along been non-fiction. an autobiography/memoir. so now i’m aiming to incorporate humor and creativity to weave a fictitious memoir, with a heavy helping of character and plot concoctions that lay in the days ahead.

i am hopeful. but today i got so excited i got anxious. backtrack- making coffee.

i brewed an extra large pot today. and i knew it would help me get my creative juices flowing, that delicious liquid crack. however, what i knew in the back of my head and ignored, was that there is a bell curve that looks somewhat like this in text:

>coffee >productivity UNTIL PEAKING >coffee = >anxiety and stew and fluffy biscuit- yum! stew and fluffy biscuit- yum![/caption]

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