Starting and Stopping Projects

Now that I have a little more spare time (okay, a lot! a whole lot, like no job a lot!), I’ve been thinking of revamping my blog. However, I vacillate between wanting to start a new one under a different domain name (fearing this one sounds too much like ecstasy to people) and pumping up the jam with this one and staying true to my name!

In any case, I could call this a project of mine. It definitely is, because part of what I intend to do is strengthen my writing and write, edit, and re-write blog posts. I know I’ve talked about it for years…but that’s just my personality!

You see, every time I take a Myers-Briggs test, I’m still an ENFP. And one of the first traits that comes to mind I resonate with is the whole propensity to take up many projects, only to leave them behind when something else novel comes along in this creative, easily-distracted mind.

Even this could be called a project I’ve undertaken. My electronic hoarding is due to thinking I’m going to blog about everything, or make little artworks, or memes, or something! It’s all a possible project. Here’s a simple example of one of my “MS Paint Masterpieces”:

example of a "project" of mine. on to the next one!

example of a “project” of mine. on to the next one!

So many things I want to share. Very little of it, but a resulting significant percentage nonetheless (like 6 or 16%!), will be of interest to someone out there. Well, if I’m starting to try to convince people I know how to market in the social media realm, I should perhaps start with figuring out what I myself want to do.

That is a project I first need to focus on, and FINISH IT.

UPDATE: Shoot, before I had even gotten to the end of the post, I realized I’d forgotten my point! That happens a lot, believe it. I wanted to post/talk about projects because one of my new ideas was to catalog all the books I’ve read/been reading (more likely just books from recent times and the ones that stand out in my past). Anyway, I will probably start the book list, attend to it a bit, and let it drift off into the sleepy blog world of the past. Check out my new “Books I’ve Read” page!

I think part of my problem in not, per se, “making” it blogging, is that I get excited about an idea, spew it out onto the internet, and don’t force myself to edit it/come back to it/think it through better. And no one cares to see all the boring ins and outs of the process. I do have resolve, though, if that’s what you’re wondering, as I am on the seventh day, or a week, of giving up overt sugars!

That, however is also another post I intend(ed) to link to, and prob won’t. I think I need to hardcore start pretending I’m writing to an audience that WILL INDEED read this stuff!

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