Everyone’s Addicted to Something

Me and He gambling

Me and He gambling

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, or sex, gambling, shopping, overeating, or something seemingly less destructive, like gossiping or, say, watching TV, virtually everyone has an addiction.

Even things like sugar can be pretty destructive.

You can be addicted to “good” things too, like exercise, but it can go awry.

It’s the whole “addiction” aspect that makes it bad. I have a friend who works in recovery who said he thinks you’re either an addict or you’re not. I didn’t really agree, I think people are addicted to things on a spectrum, like even work or looks or sports, and it’s a fine line between loving or using something a lot, and being addicted.

I mean, I think you can even be addicted to being an addict, or be addicted to the addiction and recovery circuit. Sure, it comes down to definition whether it’s good or bad and how to define what exactly addiction is.

My point is pretty much everyone is addicted to one thing or another, and almost anything can become bad if it’s too much. Someone in my family is way into triathlons, marathons, and all that, and I think those people can go way overboard sometimes, saying that pain is a part of it. No, pain should not be a normal part of something, IMO. I did that half-marathon and will never do a marathon because it was time-consuming, painful, and not worth the “runner’s high” to risk trying to train for and do twice that (26.2 miles). Yuck.

I just think it’s weird when people talk about or treat others with disdain for being an addict. Because they’re most likely one too, just to different things. What does matter on a global perspective is how we treat each other, the actions we take, and our intentions. If a “drug addict” is stealing and acting immoral, that’s bad and unacceptable. If someone is watching too much TV and neglecting to-do lists or worse yet, relationships, then that entertainment becomes a problem. The addictions so many people suffer from hurt them most, on a personal level, so it’s hard sometimes to see it as an addiction they would need help with.

I was just thinking today, sometimes I suspect I’m not the foodie I’d like to imagine I am. I might just be more of a pig (addicted to food).
But food is a tricky one, indeed. It’s something we absolutely must interact with every day.

A delicious omelette - if I ate that whole thing I'd be feeding my food addiction.

A delicious omelette – if I ate that whole thing I’d be feeding my food addiction.

I can overeat. I am more prone to overeating if I am deep in the throes of a bout of sugar addiction. I easily go in and out of being addicted to sugar. It’s really best if I minimize it. It’s not good for anyone, that’s for sure. But, that’s life. Sugar is everywhere and so ingrained in social patterns (every party, get together, milestone, etc.).

Everything in moderation.

Which is usually easier said than done, especially if it’s one of your addictions, say, watching a TV series to which you have access to unlimited episodes, or even critical thinking about yourself, or buying orchids or whatever.

What is the purpose of this post? I repeat: Everything in moderation. (except maybe some hard drugs or violence or whatever- stuff that’s really hurtful). And don’t beat yourself up too much if you over-indulge. And, recognize that though there may be a personality or physiological disposition to addiction, that doesn’t mean that virtually everyone couldn’t risk becoming an addict.

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