Get More by Doing Less!

Or, Less is the New More!

There we go, a simple blog title. I always tend to over-do things. (Had a much longer and more Amandoo-like title)

But I had a revelation walking and talking to my new special man…less really is the new more, especially in terms of what you expect from yourself and in your life.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to be forgiving to yourself, just as God would. We expect so @#$%ing much of ourselves and others. But a lot of people like me have ridiculously high and unrealistic expectations of themselves.

Random beautiful secret image - more on this later, oh beauteous nature.

Random beautiful secret image – more on this later, oh beauteous nature.

Sure, it’s important and critical to getting places in life and embettering yourself that you do make goals and to-do lists and complete them, bla bla bla.

But you can’t always expect so much of yourself. And compare yourself to your friends and neighbors, most importantly, in ways that do not even exist- they’re not enjoying the success you see them having achieved, they don’t have the perfect relationship, and no they certainly are not happy all (or even most) of the time!

People are humans (i.e. not perfect). That’s why we are put on earth, to learn that we will fail, and we can view “failures” as “learning opportunities” instead of placing such ugly connotations on them. They are more important than the goals that you will achieve and then get over/get back into a cycle of want/desire/not-enoughness/depression/greed/whatever-lusty-sin-etcteraetcetera…the most important learning opportunity we have is that we will have to have many of the same exact lessons brought to us in different ways before we really learn THE LESSON.

Right now, I could be in an existential crisis. Instead, I am realizing the here and now is hear and know. That just sounded good to me so I typed it. Ha. Being present really is where it’s at. An important part of awareness is realizing you will be surprised again and again by how different things are than you thought they’d be.

Change is the only thing you should let smack you in the face in life and then like it.

That’s that for now. I have sooo much more I could say on this topic, but, less is more. So I will see what else I can get up to tonight (get accomplished, so much to do, blablabla, funny-ironic that I am not taking my own advice). Well, writing this blog was an important start. My life is a rough draft, but, THIS IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL PEOPLE. Enjoy the beauty, relish the realness of life. Deal with pain appropriately. I know what I’m talking about. I’m not quite clear and eloquent at expressing it just yet, but I am getting on my way.

I love you very much.

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