Great Expectations. Grate em like cheese, throw em out please.

I have held on to a piece of paper (oh, no, sorry not that silly post-it pictured above) with a great quote on it I maybe got from a mental hospital? That’s right, a mental hospital. Going to one and getting out and getting yourself out of the trap they could get you into with prescription drugs can save you from later mid-life crises.

It did me. So much more on that later. Or soon. Like, book stuff. But maybe I’ll just get the teasers going here. Tidbits. Words. Anyway. Quote.

“Expectations are not fixed, nor genetic. They are chosen.
Self-expectations of perfection create enormous stress because we strive so hard and can fail so often.
Treat yourself to expectations of acceptance. Choose expectations that fit the reality of who you are, how you are able to live, and what you can realistically accomplish.”

I thought it would be a famous quote, but it might have been something someone just made up. Might have been a teacher from a religion class in the past, and not even the M hospital, and then I’d have embarrassed myself by bringing that whole thing up, right? No. Wrong. I am going to have to integrate my whole lifepersonality into my blog and writing and not care so much about what other people think.

“Only God can judge me.” -Tupac?! (What a smart one. Great one.)

Anyway, at the bottom of the sheet I wrote a reminder that we have “learning opportunities, not failures”. That’s important to also keep in mind for my ego-ful accomplishy perfectiony tendency.

It’s hard to let go. It’s a lifelong learning process to let go of the impulse and addiction to egocomplishment.

I am happy I have that sheet of paper to remind me it’s ok to live, to still be grieving, or to be happy and thriving, to not have it all figured out, to know I never will, to be ok with change, and to be okay with forgetting and remembering how much change there will be and how much of an impact it can have. And to be ok with being a babbling brook of busybeebumbling.

I will hang on to that sheet. To remind me it’s okay not to have an adequately money-making career. It’s also okay to sleep in until 10 if I stayed up until 2 (try not to do that much, but…it happens).

And remember the great tea tags.

Be nicer to yourself! Most of you, anyway. There are, of course, a few who are too pompous, high, and ego-woh! But the modest, caring, loving people I mostly associate with need to cut themselves a break most.


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