Make fun of yourself in your saddest times. In a good way.

(previously, here lay an unflattering, sad selfie)

i did a 24-hours post breakup series of pictures. and some videos. and i might have even ventured into the week after breakup. it’s all in preparation for the unveiling of my ENTIRE LIFE ON THE INTERNET

that’s a good way to get to fame. i mean money. i’m only after money after all.

but then i think, if i had all the money in the world, what would i do?! i’d still write. and commentate. but it’d probably be travel writing. so, for now, it’s my sadsack life.

it’s not so sad. i’m weeks, practically months (i mean a month) post breakup. so it’s like, hello! but, in the event my ex or anyone associated with him reads this, out of due respect, well…humor. yeah, it’s humorous to joke about stuff.

hence the above picture. i took it amidst a SERIOUS, ALL-OUT SOB FEST. breaking up breaks hearts. and when it’s a “for the best” type thing, it sucks. and i knew from previous heartbreak, that it hurts so bad and can feel so intense while you’re in it, so why not laugh too. i did. i laughed and i cried. and repeated the cycle, varying intensity and frequency.

i hope to be sharing more soon. maybe my destiny is involved in all of this loss and heartache. it happened. now i go grow.

(previously, here lay an unflattering, but funny selfie)

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  1. Amandoo says:

    Update- grieving losses is important. And everyone grieves differently. The end of a relationship can be a very upsetting thing, but, if you are honest and look into the reasons behind why etc…even if you feel hopeless and alone at first (know you’re not!), you will be able to heal better and consequently (eventually!) feel better. And most likely you will eventually love again. I know that going through some sadness and other hard emotions helped me be able to process that breakup in the most healthy way I had ever done with a loving relationship.

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