Girls Season 2 Finale: “Together” Did Not Really Get its #@$% Together

I guess, considering how far out there the plotline of Girls had gotten this season, the season 2 finale of Girls ended up being passably ok. This has been a lackluster season compared to the first, with fewer relatable and laughable scenes. Some were quite disturbing. Think ear wax OCD and sexual scenario screams for help.

This episode, and sadly the culmination of the second season, just did not come together in a believable way. There were some aspects of it that were on point, like Shoshanna and Ray’s breakup, or some part of the Marnie and Charlie defining-the-relationship or the Adam and Hannah romantic-comedy-esque reconciliation. But only some parts. And very little humor and “striking home” to get by on.

It does seem weird that Marnie would be talking about having Charlie’s babies and all that. Furthermore, I definitely thought he was going to turn her down, but instead he gets sappy and romantic and it’s all kinda vomity. I could see them going back into a relationship, but not in such a quick and cheesy manner, headed to happily-ever-after-ville (I’m sure if there is a season 3 they’d have some ups and downs before heading down the aisle). It was sad of Charlie to be so “I’ll take you back” too. I mean he’s hot, young, rich, and successful. She’s just a desperate mess who’s probably going to dump him at least once more.

Adam and Hannah?! First, let me talk about something pleasant.

I did like Hannah’s pitiful message left on Jessa’s voicemail, but it was also a little ridiculous (isn’t that part of what makes the show great, though, Amandoo?!). I wondered why she never came back for the last few episodes and found out it’s probably because the actress, Jemima Kirke, is pregnant with her second child.

Jemima Kirke baby bump

I was happy to read a little bit about her (and see her pretty face again!), but it also made me miss the Jessa flair and hilare. She really added to the show and was sorely missed by everyone with a brain. I just don’t see a 3rd season. I think Lena Dunham was lucky to wrap up the second one, barely treading above water.

She has some brilliance (and just good points for young adults like the fact that you might be left alone to deal with your own OCD-induced q-tip problem, or, say, trichotillomania, for example), but at the same time, myself being on the far end of the 20-something age range, I had a hard time eating up more than half of this season’s episodes, but especially tonight’s disaster.

I think it’s a bit more “miss” than “genius”, but I also think overall Dunham is an amazing writer with some captivating insights and plot-lines. (I have a hard time being a critic like Ray was talking about (good point there!) and was worried, thinking, “What if Lena Dunham read this and felt sad?!”)

In summary, I think the season 2 finale of Girls was kind of doomed, like the book Hannah was supposed to be writing and couldn’t produce on. She wrote herself into a corner and had no way to come out but into Adam’s arms?!? I won’t even go there, it was sad and stupid, and I was disgusted (and reminded why I’m glad I’m not doe-eyed and fresh out of college) to see so many girls on twitter talking about it being romantic or “I want to find my Adam” or other stupid #$%^ like that.

I am overall unimpressed and disappointed, moreso with the season as a whole, but I certainly can’t say I wouldn’t watch a season 3, because I probably would, unless *fingers crossed* I have something better to do when I have time to waste. Mmm, train-wreck shows!

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