because i haven’t posted in a while, i’m a creep

i went on a posting rampage, and then proceeded to stop. oh. i just remembered why. speaking of not talking about my private life! let’s just say that long-distance relationship i was in is over.

all work and no play make amandoo a creepy…

creepsville, CO: where the Shining was filmed

creepsville, CO: where the Shining was filmed

…what?! i went to Colorado at one point, in the seems-like-forever-ago past (that always happens when you go through something intense, like a breakup- it seems so long and yet it can also seem so short, and both at the same time). and drove past this mansion where they filmed the shining.

truthfully, it was creepy. i can be creepy. but the phrase of my life right now really is more:

mostly play and not enough work (thereby not enough money and feeling useful and contented) make amandoo a sadsack, exacerbated by recent termination of romantic involvement what…

the good news for everyone is that i am going to devote more time to blogging (heard that one before!), but also VLOGGING!

my fave sweatshirt

like maybe in and/or about this very sweatshirt.

it’s hard for me to hone in on ONE sole topic to do. i value myself on being able to relate to basically everyone. i would love to do many many things as a job. i like health, music (creating and exploring it too), writing, and falling asleep). i’m going to fall asleep now, so much for this creepy blog post. kisses.

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