Our Own Perceptions

Uhh…how weird is it that one person can think one thing is going on when in reality nothing like that is happening?! Our perception of reality is a weird thing, and it can get really weird if it’s us thinking about how life is, of course, but what I am thinking about/want to rambletype about is when there is a perception one person has in relation to a relationship with another person who does not see/think/feel the same thing.

This can happen a lot in love. Love confuses things.

A great example:

Hot For Teacher – Mobbed

It’d be helpful if the clip I wanted existed, but of course Fox is defending its material and I could only find a vague commercial-y preview explanation.

In this episode, a female teacher has feelings for her male teacher coworker (and good friend) and wants to MOB him! and get him to hopefully admit his feelings for her and they can revel in their love.

Right from the beginning you know it sounds like a bad, if not at least very risky idea. She explains that she feels stuff between them, and thinks he definitely reciprocates the feelings but they just haven’t stepped it up yet.

Long story short, and definitely spoiler alert! She surprises him with her feelings and he does not have any romantic feelings toward her, which she had thought were there.

In her mind, it was there. The synopsis I just gave is nowhere near as awkward and painful as it is to watch on the show. And he was graceful about it! If he had been a jerk it could have been much, much more disastrous and terrible for her. I guess this happens all the time, every day with confused males and females across the world.

But what I’ve been thinking about is when I have feelings about something, and have a fondness associated with it, in a relationship, and then I stop and think- “Wait, what if this is just me feeling all this?” And it is! What I mean by that is I am a FEELER. I deeply feel and experience life in shades of emotion a lot of the time. So sometimes the fun I was having wasn’t being had by the person I was with. Sometimes the songs that were in the background were making me feel even more fond in that exact moment and then that is recalled later when I hear a song, and, it’s just NOT there for my beloved significant other.

It’s weird to think things can be so different.

It’s not that weird, but things are VERY different from person to person. We can hardly really know what an experience is like in another person even if they do try and describe it to us in excruciating detail.

I just think it’s so weird, not just the differences between our “mind” and “reality”, but also in relationships the dynamics people perceive exist.

And here’s my biggest point, sometimes we just POOP all over each other. Wait for it…

Project Our Own Perceptions

I believe the psychological world calls perpetuating our own perceptions onto others projection? But really it’s like wow, everyone sees everything so differently and sometimes we wrongly assume what others are thinking or experiencing and routinely pack it into our subjective memory of an experience. I’m not wording it that well right now because I’m actually dealing with some of this (maybe in a major way), and its craycray.

Weird stuff.

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