Yogurt-Covered Strawberries, a Healthy Dessert!

NOT. (sure, they might satisfy a couple of people’s sweet tooth, and sure they’re healthy and all that, but they’re not that delicious).

I don’t know, I did not have an experience as good as this looked:

frozen yogurt covered strawberries

The inspiration came from Pinterest (remember I recently became obsessed- “pinterest addict“), and that silly holiday (Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to do a sensible, appropriate thing and we’re a health-minded couple, sooo). Yeah, also, I’ve actually started doing/making some of the pins, and will be posting about my experiences. (some hopefully a bit more interesting than this).

so i got the ingredients: greek yogurt and strawberries and a freezer, easy enough, right? schlop some greek yogurt on them, then put them on something and freeze them (what i read suggested wax paper and a baking tray. i happened to have a styrofoam tray from some cheese i’d eaten all of ha).

well, i could tell right from the start that it wasn’t going to be, or look, as pretty as the picture. isn’t that always a good thing to keep in mind in life?

i couldn’t get them evenly covered, or sometimes even just getting parts covered at all was hard. and i got it all over myself, so maybe use gloves or some type of spooning device?

they tasted good, but in my opinion way too icy and cold, hurt my teeth. if you let them warm up a litte, then the yogurt starts to melt, and so on.

i think i’ll just stick with strawberries and yogurt. ooh my teeth cringe just remembering. next time i’ll take a pic. well, there won’t be a next time, but i mean next pin i make 🙂

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