Mostly Gillette Razors - Expensive!

Mostly Gillette Razors – Expensive!

I snapped a pic of razors and refill cartridges in the grocery store so I could go home and compare/price shop online. I was extremely disappointed to see Gillette Venus razor refills are still about $14 (for 4! FOUR!) on Amazon. They were 14.99$ in store. Must I order them in bulk? Will it even save me much? No, probably not, I’ll be more likely to use them more often (they’re only for special occasions if you know what I mean), and get rid of them quicker.

Guess I have to stick with my cheap Daisy TWO-BLADE(?!? People still use razors with only two blades?! Yes, poor people do) little razor.

I guess you choose where you’re gonna shave. I mean save.

why is this candle like 500 dollars?!

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