Thomas Newman is a Profoundly Amazing Musical Genius

Luckily, I’d already written a post on him, somewhat: “music is your best friend sometimes (thomas newman = the genius at hand)

That post was inspired when I was being deeply affected emotionally by his song below, which i could listen to over and over again (probably have upwards of half a thousand times)

[youtube cM5G3a-XOjU]

thomas newman – how to make an american quilt

i wrote the blog about being very affected my music, as so many of us are, but i feel extremely affected. so much so i used to get even like manic or depressive listening to some of it, hehe.

music did shape my childhood in a vastly positive way.

my deceased sister would listen to many of the soundtracks and songs of Thomas Newman i love on repeat. as i wrote previously: “t.newmerz became a hugely important part of my mother’s life, so much so that she wrote him a deep, long letter from her heart. she was so touched [by his music].”

he has written so many epic soundtracks for indescribably beautiful concepts/movies, like “shawshank redemption” “meet joe black” and the popular “american beauty”, not mention “angels in america”?!
and after i wrote that post i went through the epic series “Six Feet Under” and found out he was the composer of the main soundtrack! And then, I found out even more he’s been involved with- “finding nemo”, “wall-e”, and it goes on an on with even movies like “the adjustment bureau” (and many others check it here) and recently “the help” and “skyfall”!

as i wrote before, some of “these songs touch the deepest parts of my soul, to a place and point where i don’t care what time it is, what mood i’m in, i can always let go of my facade, caring what others think, being ashamed of overflowing feelings and emotions…it’s just pure beauty. he is a genius.”

i feel that way, and more strongly. he evokes life in us.

so many great songs, you might not even realize, were him. he scored a ton of movies, and i’m excited to pay attention to the ones that come, as his music grows and evolves.

hey, maybe i’ll write him a letter too!

TLDR: Thomas Newman is a Profoundly Amazing Musical Genius- LISTEN TO HIS STUFF!

EDIT: in my posting frenzy I note I was also doing a “look what I’m listening to mood” song/vid and it was the same one. MAYBE THERE’S A REASON (listen).

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