“Sleepwalk With Me” – 4-star movie (which is a good endorsement, and i’m just jealous cuz he’s a comedian)

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“Sleepwalk With Me” – watched it recently, it was worthwhile, true-to-life in a “oh-that-hurts-sometimes-life-sucks-but-it’s-life-but-also-still-pretty-awesomazing-beautiful”, in this “inspired by real events” film. i didn’t know that before i watched it, but i had an inkling.

anyway, the story is about an aspiring comedian who wants to really do stand-up comedy. he also has a long-term girlfriend, and a new sleepwalking problem. as he gets on the rocky road (literally and figuratively) he goes off to do a bunch of tough gigs all over the place, and this exacerbates his sleepwalking condition (a REM disorder where he acts out what he is dreaming).

not-spoiler-but-kind-of-alert: it does get dangerous!

anyway, it’s a good watch. especially for me, i got out of it, hey, maybe i should write, maybe write funny stuff, and at the very worst it’d suck and i’d get wanting to amount to something in this way out of my system.

back to the movie. it is worth a watch, it wasn’t life-changing, but 4/5 stars overall ain’t bad at all!

i’ve never had any experience with sleepwalking, but sleeptalking, that’s a different story. another blog, another time.

TLDR: “Sleepwalk With Me” – watch this based-on-a-true-story humorous film!

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