See, how hard was that?! I set a goal, and I achieved it. 10 posts in not only just 1 day, actually in about 2 hours!

Imagine the places this blog could go!

I am rounding out this 10 blog trance or whatever stupid name I titled it hastily with this 11th summary blog.

    10 Things I’ve learned and pondered in the last 2 hours:

1) I really should immerse myself in blogging. And, get a little more quality not quantity focused.

2) I posted a real variety of subjects, from love to self-embetterment, to music and movie reviews, and more. I hardly even got into product reviews, which will be a good part of this blog.

3) I’m tired. That was fun. I should super-post more often, but improve it as I go, and maybe go back and edit them after the fact, and not be so obvious and overt about my blogging/thinking process 🙂 (Whatevs, I have little shame on good days). I should also stock myself with good pics, products, entertainment, and news and social media occurrences to give my input on.

4) I love music. Case you didn’t get that. Remember Missy Elliot’s Gossip Folks?!
4b) It would seem as though maybe I have ADD. I don’t. I just live in the modern world and do get distracted, but it’s usually mania.

5) I want you to rest assured I am a sane, well-rounded person. I’m not all bipolar or anything. You want proof? Don’t head back to the real crazy crazy times. Or do. I’ve been through SO much and I am SOlid.

6) I don’t want to do 10) and neither do you. Sometimes you should expect less, or rather, a more appropriate amount of effort and exertion from yourself! Also, TLDR: Amandoo is back in Action!

Bag Lady: More on that later, always!

Bag Lady: More on that later, always!

6b? I need to figure out how that whole gmail google adsense and all that email jumbo changed so I can find my analytics and see what people have been searching for to get to my blog- and then give the people morea’ what they want!

Haters gon’ hate, but I ain’t gon’ wait, ‘stead I gon’ love proliferate.

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