My personal recommendations for your trip to Vegas – only 2, so they’re pretty serious!

I went to Las Vegas! for the first time this summer. I have two important recommendations, based on who I am and what stood out most poignantly for me:

Bellagio Fountain Lights Show

#1- Watch the Bellagio Fountain Light Show. Multiple times. It goes off every 15 minutes and the songs rotate. It is amazing. So lovely and fun. Touching. Romantic. Fun. FREE! I suggest you bring an adult beverage or go after having a few.

Bed Bugs Vegas Style!


Unfortunately there are a number of hotels that have them. Even the nice ones could. Anywhere could. Read up on checking for bed bugs, I’d say pretty much anytime you stay in a hotel. I know I will. More on this absolutely HARROWING experience later (edit- didn’t ever update, but will say that I got them at a hotel that may have to do with a pink bird known for its legs), I’m trying to wrap up my posting spree.

I should probably have gotten at the very least the money back from the hotel, not to mention sued for emotional, physical, and psychological damage. Just watch out. Lord help you if you bring them home with you. I severely suffered for over a week before deciding I hadn’t. It took about a month or so to get over the experience, the welts, and I think I might still be a little traumatized.

But Vegas was great, and a worthwhile experience. In fact, I might go back there again sometime soon! Ha!!

TLDR: Go to Vegas, watch the Bellagio fountains, and if you can afford to stay there, do so, in the hopes you don’t get bed bugs.

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