I’m just starting to think about hitting my stride in 2013. February, not too late. 10 post trance.

Writing is one of my huge, primary goals in 2013. Or is it? I have the free-time, yet I’m still just amateurly journaling about my feelings.

[Listening to this below, BTW]

[youtube cM5G3a-XOjU]

Feeling hopeful, melancholic, longing, and nostalgic.

I have time to write. Now I must practice. And put it into practice.

I have so many things I want to write about. Anything really. And I will. Because I love the act of writing.

So, I will go into a Sunday 10 POST TRANCE. Can’t guarantee they’ll all be the highest quality, but it is in fact about quantity over quality tonight. I mean, I only have like 47 minutes left to write and post the remaining 7 blog entries 🙂

I’ll try to vary them!

TLDR: Amandoo’s treat coming your way- 10 blogs in 1 day!

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