Ludacris – One More Drink ft. T-Pain – Ludicrous video!

[youtube tzZFE-9gb7Q]

I was actually watching “Money Maker” because I love the beginning drum/symphonic beat. And it’s hilarious. Then I was led to “One More Drink.” Don’t think I’d heard it before. Never seen the video.

It was redonk.

Luda goes to a DDA meeting (Drinkers & Daters Anonymous). He tells a story about drinking, getting beer goggles, and taking a lady home, who ends up biting his arm off.

His music videos are CRUNK.

I hate to admit I love them.

This story is SO ridiculous that’s it’s hilarious.

Also, I did not know T-Pain looked like that. But I guess a lot of famous rappers are pretty ugly, ‘specially in the face/teeth area! (Which is ironic, they make fun of a girl in the vid that has a “gap tooth and a mean overbite”) I guess that’s why they get those grills, to cover up some nasty teeth!

Good times. Funny video. Worth a watch, not a bad song. Whatevs. It’s all good, I always love Ludacris against better judgment.

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