a second blog because it’s a second move

when i saw the picture from my previous blog entry on moving, i laughed out loud, in a maniacal way which has been the norm lately, and suddenly felt much better about my move this time around.

what’s annoying me currently is a COMPLETE, TOTAL, AND UTTER lack of motivation. save the fact i might have a special someone in my life, coming back to this area soon, and will want to be all moved in and not worrying about all this stuff. but i have no motivation. maybe it’s the time of year. maybe it’s just having moved. maybe it’s all too much. oh, and the fact that i live on the 3rd floor! well, on the bright side, at least i’m getting in good workouts.

and it’s more incentive for people to help me because this time my stuff is going downstairs, instead of up all these stairs, in the heat.


it’s redonk.

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