American Society is a Disgusting Place (in a lot of places) Today

Well, I’m specifically referring to the prescription drug and “health” industry. If you know anything, you know it’s b@#$%^&t. For example, I just learned about an elderly gentleman who pays “over $700 dollars for three months of Niaspan”! (That’s just one of his over-a-dozen medications!)

1) You shouldn’t even be paying that much for all of your medications combined, ever. And the elderly are taking sometimes between 10-20 (or even more!) prescribed medications!

2) That is SO ludicrous because niaspan is just niacin. Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is naturally occurring in many healthy foods. However, lack of niacin can cause depression and other bad things, so it’s important to get enough, but paying for a prescription…and that much?! Ugh, disgusts me soo much!

3) Just like so many other prescription drugs, especially the absurd ones like prescription-strength fish oil (Lovaza) etc., niaspan was proven in a recent trial to have no significant cardiovascular benefits, probably because they are prescribing so many other harsh and harmful drugs.

4) I have heard about stuff like this time and again, and I only work with a small number of people. It is out of control. 2 year olds are getting prescribed stuff.

Anyway, that’s my rant for now. But I heard that quote and had to write something. Money-making-scammin is at an all-time high. No wonder we can’t work out something in the govy budget with healthcare- people are too expensive to insure because the American healthcare industry is full of pill-popping-prescription-dropping-money-making-reality-escaping-havoc!

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