Thinking too Much. Cults. Fruitarians. Drastic Lifestyle Overhaulings.

A few hours ago, I was planning on finishing some work, and then happily and peacefully reading and/or writing, to holistify™ my life. I’ve been eating healthily, and wondering about a number of things related to bodies and health, wrote a blog about women eating more healthily (specifically, somewhat, raw) to alleviate menstrual issues, which is great and I think can indeed be a good breakthrough, not just limited to that, but obviously to so many other things. We feel like what we eat. It can go good or bad. Far and exponentially.

Then I read about a crazy banana fruit lady. It’s bananas. Obviously eating all fruit is not a good idea long-term, but at first it seemed like there was such positive response. That’s because they moderate negative comments, duh, so they can keep perpetuating myths to make mo’ money!

Then someone mentioned it being like a cult technique. Then I decided to research those. The awesome (there are two very different meanings of this word, and I’m referring to both of them) thing about the internet being the source of research for many (instead of real books, studies, and actually physically researching something), is that you end up with a whole bunch of anything. If you look at the popular stuff, you assume it’s going to be solid, and true, right? No. What about Fox News?!


Anyway. I was thinking about cults and got scared because I am easily influenced by other people, and I can see the validity to lots of points of views on things. I used to even be gullible!

Take a look at this, me responding to a well-written overview of cults and tactics used by them (they so smartly did not write them all out so as not to be associated with cult-propelling-propaganda)

Luckily though, I am intelligent enough not to fall for something like that. I even got a little nervous to write about this, thinking admitting to it publicly might make me fall for it. Well, I already sort of have been cultivated (haha) in my life before.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta! Meditation time.

Hmm…better stick to product reviews and stuff on this blog, I’m gettin’ too weird with my theories.

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