Women – Want Your Period to go Away Without Using an Unnatural Prescription Medication/Dangerous Pill? Go Raw!

I wish I could shout this from a mountaintop for all women to hear, all over at least America. Now, I don’t know this personally (yet)(although did notice my cramps went almost completely away when I gave up sugar/wheat once), but…I was randomly googling and came across info about how a raw food diet lightens and can even make periods almost nonexistent. definitely take some of the pain, hassle, heavy flow, crampy cramps, PMS etc…away

Edit/update- then after reading for a while I thought, hmm, some of these people might be losing their period from not eating enough (which is bad), but, everyone’s different. Balance. Moderation. (I will never again call myself a fixed label “vegan” “raw” “vegetarian” because I like options, and like to experiment to see what’s best for my body and I strongly believe it does include meat!)

Raw Food Support forum page where I first encountered it

Well, then I googled about it for more info, and instead of posting a bunch of links like I was initially intending, I am going to not do that, and just summarize what I read. Because at first I was way into it, and then, like with every “diet” (or lifestyle choice I prefer), there are pros and cons, and while something may be a fact, you can always find some people who are different (and everyone is different when it comes to food reaction/body stuff/etc…)

Anyway, I think eating healthier, and less toxin-filled food, and…just less food, would indeed make your periods lighter. I see how eating less meat and/or dairy might lessen the flow (and you’re undoubtedly affected by what these animals eat- mostly crap), and also soy- which messes with estrogen, would make a difference (hormonal balance/dysmenorrhea etc…)

Woh, again, I’m mid-post, get really distracted (reading about a freak lady, won’t mention her name, don’t want to increase her SEO/google stats, but, she is annoying enough to keep reading about…let’s call her banana b#$%h). Anyway, I could finish this post, edit it to be a bit cleaner and more concise, but instead I’m delving into this off-topic-offshoot. Only a bit. That’s me. That’s a lot of people. Anyway…let’s focus

At least try this as an experiment:

Eat less meat and dairy (obviously raw would mean you ate none of this stuff, but I think it is good for you in small amounts (meat over dairy, really)), but the stuff you do eat, make the effort to get organic- really look into the food.

Eat less processed foods. Focus on raw foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc…) I think that makes perfect sense that all the other crap added into foods would make it harder not just for digestion, but for excretion, through whatever avenue (sorry if that sounds gross).

AVOID SUGAR! This could be an entirely different experiment. I used to take down a whole box of midol each month. I have had many a day when I could hardly function from cramps. But when I gave up overt sugar and really minimized my grains to limited whole grains (and just things like potatoes), my cramps lightened, and then went away for several menses months. It was unexpected, and hugely life-changing. (But apparently not enough so to stay off sugar? Well, I try, and it’s hard. Sugar is disgustingly hiding in so many foods and I’m somewhat of an addict).

Anyway, long story short- eating better will likely help your period get better. That said, I feel like not much has changed for me after looking through/thinking about all this stuff. It is about balance, moderation, and not getting GMO/hormone/chemically/toxic food from most grocery stores. It ain’t easy, but it’s worth it.

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