A Getaway…A Vacation…What does it mean?!

I’ve left the area where I live to go on a long long weekend. But. I still have my work to do. It’s not full-time, though some days it is more than that, but it doesn’t take me too many hours, so long as I have the right computer/accessories setup. I noticed that quickly that the specific workstation-y requirements I have are very affected out in a very rural area. I do have the luxury of being able to take work wherever, and make it work, but I sort of wish I didn’t have to work while away on a gorgeous farm.

That said, I can work tomorrow and just get it done, then for the weekend work I can isolate that to one particular time or area (and maybe I’ll go back home Sunday and do it then). I’ve already made some decisions though. I am so happy and so grateful to be here, to be offered such a beautiful home/view/area, with wonderful company, and a delicious meal that makes me excited to see what else we’ll enjoy gastronomically, and did I say it’s wonderful already?!

1) I am not going to feed my Words with Friends addiction. Furthermore, W.W.F. is tied to facebook, that guy, and while I did sign on to post my brag-update, I will not go on for the rest of the time. (Well, if I can help it, and I am pretty good about discipline while not in my usual homestead environment).

2) That last part leads me to remember that I spend way too much time, inside, in my apartment, and even just sitting at my computer, for FAR too long. Need to remember to do less of that. No, me not blogging is not because I have not been wasting lots of time on the computer. I definitely have been doing that.

3) It is so nice to get away. I had a rough last year. Like, most of 2011 was AWFUL. And no, I’m not an over-exaggerator. Just check my posts out from last year. You’ll see. Any time I’ve traveled recently has been for awful, terrible things.

4) I just thought that I was hearing noises, in this foreign house, and thinking “Uh oh, maybe it’s a ghost, been having a lot of dreams/thoughts about ghosts lately.” But I think they mentioned little creatures. It is a farm. That’s funny. The creatures want to know what I’m up to. I’m not too scared of say, mice, but, if they crawl on me, well, let’s just say I don’t care for that.

5) I’m excited to relax, breathe nature, walk around, and possibly write a lot. Read and/or write. I’ve already done that, in renewing my vigor for posting (although the writing I really want to do will not be on the computy, for now), and I actually got read to! This couple trades off reading aloud to each other, and we were reading a fascinating book, more on that later. BOOM EDIT UPDATE (i.e. the more on that later prelude…may never get into the book, but, I will now provide info) It is called “Deep Nutrition” by Catherine and Luke Shanahan. Very interesting nutritional info and ideas, basically reminding us of how bad the “American” diet is.

In short (oh, wait, of course, I’m me, super wordy already and super long winded), I am VERY excited to be away on a vacation, and I did make a point to come earlier (before the weekend), so I can have a good amount of time to really spend, get comfy, and thank my lucky stars (will probably see lots of stars) that all this exists.

I am so fortunate. I am so happy I finally did this too. Always worse to beat yourself up about stuff you don’t do, because it doesn’t help you do it faster (at least not for me). Planning. Yippee.

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